uge painted boat, and then he suddenly started.

While Chang Ming was distracted, Wang Xuan picked up the iron rod, tore open the void, and came directly in front of him to attack and kill!
Chang Ming never thought that on their territory, near a dojo in Yaotian Palace, someone would dare to attack the descendants of the True Saint!
In his hair, there were not as many pearl flowers, Yingluo and other rare treasures for defense as Ling Qingxuan had back then, and he was not as profound as Ling Qingxuan.
Wang Xuan exploded with all his strength, and he was still superimposing the texture of the imperial way and triggering the super divine sense.
Chang Ming’s hair stood on end and his pupils shrank violently, but it was too late. When he felt something was wrong, the iron rods had already fallen on his head, even though his own imperial texture was exploding, providing full protection.
However, his head still shattered with a “snap”, and then the whole body exploded, including his soul.
/At the same time, Wang Xuan snatched the Immortal Bow from Mo Lin, who seemed to be in a daze, and quickly erased the spiritual mark inside.
In fact, Maureen wanted to cut off Hu and run away just now. However, after seeing Sun Wukong’s methods, she killed the descendants of the True Saint on the spot. She was outraged. Did she really beat Chang Ming to death? The cause and effect was too great, and she felt it was better not to take this hot potato.
She pretended to be slow to react and allowed Wang Xuan to take away the important treasure. She also attacked a few times and then ran away covered in blood.
“Who?!” Several loud shouts came from nearby. They were all top wizards recruited by Chang Ming. They were drinking on a nearby boat and watching the fairies dance.
Several figures swooped over, and the most powerful one among them was at least mid-level heavenly level, or even late-level. He was a very powerful figure.
Wang Xuan stood still and did not move. He opened his bow and pulled out the bow string. In an instant, an energy rune arrow was automatically constructed with a terrifying breath.
With a bang, a huge hole appeared in the void, as if a piece of sky had been drilled through.
Although the heaven-level master kept dodging, the distance was too close, and this was a “living arrow”, a manifestation of the power of a great weapon refined by a foreigner. It flew after him with a pop. , penetrated him, and the man exploded in the air, true blood and bone fragments splashed everywhere, and the soul was destroyed!
In an instant, the other people who rushed towards him stopped, or flew under the river, or hid in the distance. They felt extremely horrified. Unexpectedly, the moment Chang Ming was assassinated, his Immortal Bow changed hands.
Wang Xuan took a strong breath of the extraordinary factor. This arrow consumes too much. He does not lack the extraordinary substance. The key is that he is mentally exhausted and has to use it sparingly.
“Huh?!” He was keenly aware that in the distance, the green talisman flas