o, Chongxiao Temple and Kuji Ridge discussed the Tao. Sun Wukong used his 4-time limit-breaking body to crush the youngest 4-time limit-breaking wizard in Kuji Ridge.

Obviously, in the True Saint Dojo, the extraordinary people who have achieved four limit-breaking feats entirely on their own are considered extraordinary figures and are regarded as the few core disciples.
In the present world, there are only rumors in various star fields, and it is difficult to see a truly “pure” 4-time limit breaker. Now that he appears in the present world and spreads within a small area, it will naturally cause waves and shocks.
Wang Xuan realized that he had underestimated the impact of the four limit breakers.
“In the real world, the appearance of limit breakers four times is naturally explosive news. After all, he is also a direct descendant of the True Saint Dojo and is the core disciple.” Gao Yuanwai sighed, marveled, and looked at him.
“You ran away to the otherworld and competed with the disciples of the True Saint. It really shocked and excited me, thinking of those things in the mother universe.” Zhong Cheng secretly communicated with Wang Xuan using his soul.
In the past, when he was in the mother universe, he was almost a little fanboy. He was most optimistic about this old friend, and he did not hesitate to bring his sister and Wang Xuan together. And later he actually saw Wang Xuan succeed all the way. In the age of decayed mythology, You can practice by constantly breaking through limitations and moving forward.
“By the way, I heard that recently, all the families are preparing for the war in Hell. This is the news from Yaotian Palace. In the near future, Hell seems to be extremely lively and intense, and there will be big scenes.” Zhong Cheng told him such news .
Wang Xuan nodded. It seems that preparations for the trip to hell are about to begin. Are even various dojos planning big moves?
/He suspected that some true saints had deduced that the must-kill list would appear in hell, otherwise, such a tense atmosphere would not have filled the air so early.
/Every family is preparing for the war in hell, and the True Sage attaches great importance to it and provides various resources to his disciples to improve their strength.
“Over the past few decades, some geniuses who have broken boundaries have improved a lot, and many new faces have emerged.” Zhong Cheng said.
This is the news coming from within Yaotian Palace. Talents are selected from all over the country and preparations are made intensively. Extraordinary people with outstanding performance are given extremely preferential treatment.
“Needless to say, heaven-level extraordinary people are the main force in the journey to hell, and there are countless strange objects and creations that have passed by. Even the powerful people at the true immortal level are valued extremely, and it seems that their efforts are also needed. It cannot be Lack.”
For this reason, once a super limit breaker appears, they will be taken extremely seriously by the superiors