of them.”

Wang Xuan didn’t agree with its point of view at all this time, and refuted fiercely. As long as he was strong enough, he could fight it all the way. What blood and sorrow was needed?
The mobile phone wonder said: “When true saints are powerless, they can only watch their disciples and descendants disappear in the distance. What’s more, you, a true immortal who is still on the road, think too much, and the gap in the future will be even greater. ”
Wang Xuan was silent.
After a moment, he sighed: “What I can do is, every step I take is solid enough. There is no opponent in the same field. I will go all the way until the true saint conquers everything.”
His cultivation speed is fast enough, far exceeding that of ordinary people. He is 260 years old. Many so-called geniuses have not yet become immortals. After he exceeded the standard and exceeded the limit, he was close to the heaven level.
The mobile phone Qiwu said: “The idea is good. As long as you rise fast enough and are strong enough, you will indeed have a lot less troubles. However, the hardships and hardships that can be talked about are not a big deal. I am afraid that I will not want to say anything in the future. I will only think about it. Staring silently into space.”
“What do you mean?” Wang Xuan looked solemn. He always felt that it meant something and the problem was not small.
The mobile phone was very deep and said: “Let’s go, I’m tired and don’t want to talk anymore. Let’s go and look at the old scenes of the mortal world, and then I want to be silent for a while.”
Wang Xuan nodded, and they left the remote deep space in the world and quickly returned to the real world.
This is a busy starry skyway, and huge spaceships pass by from time to time. They should be caravans. This star field has developed commerce.
“Who is your opponent?” Standing on a meteorite far away from the channel, Wang Xuan asked the strange objects on his mobile phone, wondering what kind of creatures they were.
As expected, the mobile phone Qiwu didn’t want to talk anymore and responded with silence.
“Aren’t they good people and extremely evil?” he asked again.
“It’s out of the question.” The mobile phone wonder actually responded. Unexpectedly, it did not belittle the opponent and said: “Although the positions are different, it is difficult to veto all the opposing sides.”
Its screen glowed faintly, as if it were staring into deep space.
Suddenly, Wang Xuan let out a muffled groan, his body staggered, his soul violently turbulent, his whole body glowed silently, blood flowed from his limbs, his chest, and his head.
His body was wrapped in extraordinary factors, forming a mist of light that prevented the spread of injuries.
The warm blood on his head slipped from his hair onto his face, leaving bright red traces. In outer space, everything happening here seemed very strange.
/Wang Xuan felt a sense of weakness, accompanied by severe pain. He was actually attacked. Even his extraordinary spiritual sense did not generate any response in advance, and