ething happened just after he used it.

He thought, this face was full of bad luck, almost drowning the stars, so it was no longer appropriate to borrow it!
Soon, he recovered, and the cold face of a middle-aged man appeared. His every move had a domineering and powerful aura, and blood surged up, covering the stars.
Next, Shang Yi prepared to break through again.
The heaven and earth are peaceful, the stars are emitting extraordinary factors, and the gorgeous and rich starlight surges over again, converging into the river and sea, which is magnificent and astonishing.
At the same time, Shang Yi’s head was filled with purple energy. Is this really a blessing that reaches the sky? Even he himself smiled with satisfaction.
Wang Xuan waited for the opportunity. He had a chat with the strange object on his mobile phone. The moment before he became a stranger, there would be a moment when the object and I were forgotten, and he would briefly wander into the void.
At that moment, it was his chance to fly to heaven and kill Shang Yi with one flag!
The stars were shining brightly, as if they were vibrating and resonating with Shang Yi. In fact, it was the Taoist rhyme vibrating together, helping Shang Yi purify his flesh, blood, and spirit.
This is the only way to become a stranger, but his appearance is particularly grand and amazing.
Moreover, at this moment, at the end of the deep sky, there is a rich purple air, like the divine glow leaping out from behind the Chaofan Dam. It is particularly mysterious, coming overwhelmingly into this area.
It was suspended above Shang Yi’s head, and the area it covered was too vast. The purple energy was related to the Tao and the noble status, which surprised Wang Xuan when he saw it.
/There is no doubt that Shang Yi will be very strong once he becomes a stranger. Because, this unusual interaction between heaven and earth, the legendary sight of purple air covering the sea of ??stars, is very extraordinary. It has been recorded in ancient books, and it is beyond words.
“Sure enough, after changing that ominous face and returning my true respect, everything is different. I am full of vitality, my Taoism is soaring into the sky, and the purple energy descending from the sky is the most precious and indescribable, and the purple light in my body Resonance, blending, my alien status is destined to be rare in the world.”
Shang Yi said to himself that he was extremely confident that today he would not only become a different person, but also be different and extraordinarily powerful!
He no longer sat cross-legged, stood up, opened his hands, and welcomed the purple energy initiation. The vast and rich noble energy and Taoist charm continued to sink into his flesh and blood.
He discussed and laughed loudly: “The fate of my body is overturned, and my destiny is mine. Today, I will officially become the overlord of one side. When I become the most powerful person in the future, I will overlook the sea of ????stars. Who in the same field can check and balance? One day.”
When he sa