e secret realms are large and small. Some are opened once every hundreds of years, and some are top-notch brilliant for thousands of years. People are only allowed to enter this place once every tens of thousands of years.”

When he said this, even Bai Hong, who had a strong face, was a little excited and yearned for the supreme medicine that their ancestors had personally transplanted in those places.
There are definitely real trees, Tao medicines, etc. that are extinct and hard to see in the outside world.
“We choose places that are closed and not open to the public. As long as you can get close to them, we will clear some external interference formations and locate the precise coordinates. We will provide the final level and the power to penetrate the secret realm.”
“When the time comes, you only need to bring our ‘fishing net’ with you. It will collect it on its own and will not put you in a desperate situation.”
Having said this, they had nothing to hide and talked about various situations and problems.
The fishing net was indeed a super powerful prohibited item back then, but the “true spirit” inside was crippled and eventually wiped out.
Therefore, even if it is taken out, it is no big deal and it is not on that terrible “list”.
In this century, it once again developed a weak consciousness and could not act independently. It could only simply obey orders and collect strange objects as required.
Wang Xuan and Wu Tian inquired in detail to understand those places. Some of the secret realms are in the real world, some are drifting in the turbulence of time and space, and some are in mysterious dojos deep in the void.
“What means do you have to break through the magic circle guarding the secret realm?” Wu Tian asked.
“Come and see.” Bai Hong led them to the edge of the floating island. There was a wooden boat here, which was undoubtedly made from the World Tree.
The person driving the boat was an old man, a little older, with a stooped body, but kind eyes, and he took them around the island.
/Nearby, there are some huge pillars, like pillars holding up the sky, and there are also some terrifying metal fragments, such as the corner of an axe, the small half of arrow feathers, etc., as well as broken mountains hanging outside the island, filled with chaotic energy.
Bai Hong said: “If you two can clear away the confusing magic circles and obstacles around the secret realm, so that the location of the secret realm can be truly exposed, the marks left by our ancestors in the secret realm can be accurately detected by some of the strange objects here. When the time comes, we control the heart of the World Tree and can push some of the objects here into the chaotic space-time sea. By continuously accelerating and blessing the rules along the way, we can penetrate the secret realm there.”
“The Rod of Destruction?” Wu Tian said. This method of gathering momentum and penetrating into the secret realm from a high plane can be destructive at every turn.
Ruonan shook his head and said: “We are talking about destr