l and snow-white neck, and its glowing immortal blood spurted out uncontrollably.

All parties were shocked. This female disciple from Jinque Palace was a famous prodigy with huge growth potential. She would definitely become one of the core leaders of the Taoist tradition in the future.
Now her throat was broken, and a terrible bloody gash was clearly visible, which made many geniuses feel the same and involuntarily took two steps back.
Some people even touched their necks, all because they were too immersed in watching the battle and immersed in this extremely fierce battle. Naturally, they could not bring in the second king.
No one expected that Yu Jin would be severely injured suddenly, and the light drawn by the thick copper knife seemed to cut into everyone’s heart.
Yu Jin kept teleporting to get away from his opponent, but the wound on his neck was extremely horrifying. It was completely opened and eroded by regular fragments.
She groaned, and her heart was like a golden sun, shining with divine light. She washed the wound with her original immortal blood, and then the other party’s rule runes were washed away.
Many people were shocked. The wound was so deep that it was almost like a cut across the body. The beautiful head was just one layer of skin away from falling off.
/After Yu Jin hid, he covered his neck with both hands. The fairy light shone violently, and the wound gradually healed and disappeared.
/“Have you thought about it? Do you want to add strange objects?” Wang Xuan’s gentle voice sounded, but what set off him was the monstrous black aura. He had a thick copper knife in one hand and a black wolf-toothed stick in the other. The four wild ghosts were crying and gods were howling. , lightning and thunder, and heavy rain pouring down.
Yu Jin was very angry. She was indeed a genius. She had risen from a young age to today. It was rare that she had been so embarrassed and lost to a rogue cultivator, a mountain king in the Meteor Sea.
“The two kings fight against Wushuang, and the demonic power shakes the meteorite sea!”
“If there are no rare items, we will capture the ones who end up and become the wives of the two kings!”
When Yu Jin heard this, her beautiful eyes spit fire. Every monster king must have its monster king. What kind of outrageous monsters are there on the Five Elements Mountains in the Meteor Sea?
“The rare items on her body don’t count, it’s the people outside the venue who have to pay for her.” Wang Xuan spoke in the billowing black demon cloud, looking at Gu Cheng and others in the starry sky.
The meaning is obvious, Jinque Palace needs to redeem people!
As for Yu Jin’s own rare objects, he seems to have regarded them as his own. It seems that even the white-haired girl is regarded as a dish on his plate.
How brave! This is the voice of many people in the starry sky. Are you negotiating terms with Jinque Palace and blackmailing?
The Wolverine’s scalp is numb. His brother, the Second King, is probably going to go off the rails. Those people in the Golden Palace are not