quisite than the Taoist technique he performed just now!

What he performed was just a normal reversal, but the world under the sea turned everything upside down and turned it into a mirror image. It was the complete opposite!
Dao Dao also had its opposites!
Dao Hai also turned into the opposite!
The countless universes also reversed and turned into the completely opposite universe!
Even Xuanyuan Great Heavenly Lord himself has an opposite self!
This move is much better than his!
Xuanyuan Tianzun looked up at Xu Ying, his heart sinking more and more, and there was no reflection of Xu Ying under the sea. But there is also a Dao tree under the sea, and there are as many Dao universes hanging on the Dao tree!
/The scene before me showed that my estimate of Xu Ying’s cultivation was wrong. Xu Ying’s Daohai had pros and cons, and Dao tree also had pros and cons. His cultivation should be twice what I estimated!
He suddenly felt troubled.
Xuanyuan Tianzun moved slightly, and immediately found that he under the sea did not move with his movement immediately, but after a while, he followed his movement.
He then breathed a sigh of relief. If his reflection immediately moved with him, it meant that Xu Ying had understood his Taoist and magical powers, and there was no need for him to fight with him. He could just admit defeat and be beaten to death by Xu Ying. yes.
“Although his Taoism is better than mine, he has not fully mastered my Taoism and magical powers, so I have hope in this battle!”
When he thought of this, his cultivation level exploded. He couldn’t help but raise his foot again and gave him a heavy meal!
Under the shock of his Dao power, Daohai was almost blown over. There were violent vibrations on both sides of the opposite side, and countless universes were shaken accordingly!
The Daohai Dao tree and the Dao universe are actually the self-evolution of the Tao method and Tao power that Xu Ying promised. As long as you destroy these, you will be the winner!
Xuanyuan Tianzun’s seal is unparalleled, and his own avenue forms countless upside-down avenue universes. Between movement and stillness, countless avenues are reversed, and along with his seal, they blast forward!
/Although he couldn’t form the Dao Sea, his Taoism was profound and superb, and his realm surpassed Xu Ying’s. With this move, he actually jumped out of the Dao Sea!
Xu Ying’s majestic figure and endless sea of ????dao suddenly became much smaller.
Compared with the explosive offensive of Xuanyuan Great Heavenly Lord, Xu Ying seemed much calmer and calmer. His figure stood on the sea of ????dao, and countless avenues and universes flew with it. The sea surface and universe that had just been destroyed by Xuanyuan Great Heavenly Lord began to fly with it. The flip of the mirror image quickly returned to its original state, faster than the nine evidences!
When Xuanyuan’s Dao Seal fell, he had already returned to his peak state, with his feet on the sea of ??chaos and his back against the Dao tree.
In the sea, on the trees, th