ealm, he will learn all kinds of words in detail. These are small things and not a problem.

On the mountain, text flows, page after page, like a divine waterfall falling from the sky, hanging all over the cliff, containing the supreme meaning of scripture in its splendor.
/Wang Xuan stepped forward, with a sense of inspiration, he captured everything without missing a word.
Then, these verses are repeated again.
After reading a few paragraphs, Wang Xuan stepped on the rubble and ruins, walked over and pulled Su Tong, flicked Ling Xuan’s forehead with his finger, and gave Qi Sheng a kick.
Seeing that they were still awake, Wang Xuan kicked each of them, causing all three of them to fall in front of the glowing stone mountain, making them completely aware of where they were.
After all, these three people came in first and were obviously recognized by this place. Wang Xuan was afraid of missing something, so he threw all the original “right masters” in front of the scriptures to see if there were any changes.
These three thieves, three promising health care masters, were shocked and angry after being kicked awake, and cursed in their hearts, who are these? I really don’t take them seriously.
The handsome ones and the beautiful ones all had bruises and swollen faces. The hairy Lei Gongzui was beaten like a pig’s head and was covered with bruises because he had the most arrogant mouth.
The situation was stronger than the situation. Although the three of them were angry, they did not insist on speaking out. Because they know very well that regardless of Yun Danfengqing, this kind of person is absolutely unambiguous when it comes to killing him.
“Nothing has changed. It seems that this is the last verse.” Wang Xuan said to himself, while the three people memorized the last two pages silently.
/The hearts of the three people were bleeding. The amount of scriptures this time was very large. There were at least ten pages of scriptures, which was far more than before.
However, after they woke up, they vaguely saw that the scriptures on Shishan were turning quickly, and the opportunity was fleeting. They were still half-conscious, and they had already missed seven or eight pages.
The last two pages, what kind of nonsense are they talking about? Due to the clouds and fog, the three of them always felt that they had missed the key metaphorical part.
It wasn’t until the stone mountain was extinguished, the surrounding fields were ruined, and there was silence and no change that Wang Xuan withdrew his eyes.
Reach out and pin these three people to death? He glanced at them. He was not so bloodthirsty that he would kill someone just because he was slighted.
“Forget it, we are destined.” Wang Xuan kicked each of them on the buttocks, kicking them out of this scene shrouded in chaotic light.
“Me!” Su Tong’s handsome face was ashen, and he almost cursed. He was in such an embarrassing state that he had never been in such a mess in his life.
Outsiders mentioned that he was extremely talented, a direct descendant of the Imm