e road.

In a blur, Wang Xuan seemed to see that as the two universes rotated, he was being crushed. This was something that no living thing could resist, at least not by becoming an immortal.
He was falling, submerged into the world of infinite light, accompanied by a rain of blood and his own destruction. Not only was his physical body exploding, but his soul was also blasted away.
/At the critical moment of life and death, at the last moment, he seemed to see a tangible body spread out by the rules in the two universes. This was the collision of different ways.
“Did I change my way of becoming immortal and ascending?” His broken spirit laughed at himself. Instead of entering the great barrier, he changed into a large universe and emerged like this.
Is he going to die? Both the physical body and the spirit were torn apart, and the bright red blood flowed and dripped in the infinite light, sacred and sad.
Normally, a creature that has just become an immortal cannot take this path at all. If it dares to try, it will be perfected and die without any suspense.
People who have discovered and walked on this road throughout the ages, countless sages have fallen on the road, their blood and bones burning and turning into ashes.
He heard the screams of the mechanical bear, and he couldn’t hide in the killing array. It turned into metallic liquid, and the fire fragments shined with terrifying light.
In a desperate situation, Wang Xuan tried to regain his energy and struggled to perform the Black Phoenix Nirvana Technique in Hell. It was originally the secret skill of the evil dragon that possessed Qitian, but he had thoroughly studied it in the era of exhaustion.
The torn body still had spirit, which was originally on fire, but now it was even more dazzling. He struggled to recover and was reborn from the ashes.
It was obvious that he had penetrated this terrifying area, but he still exploded again. The remaining light of rules locked onto him and did not completely dissolve.
He has crossed the boundary, but he is still in a dead end.
Golden Cicada’s Shell Cutting Technique!
He used this wonderful method to resurrect again, but in the blink of an eye it exploded again, turning into blood mud and spiritual fragments, scattered in the void, carried by the big flag, and did not expand further.
Immortal silkworm regeneration!
Over the years, he has naturally read through various classics and worked hard on some of the secrets of rebirth, and now he is using them one after another, just to survive.
/“I’m really torn!” The imperial flag is glowing, chopping, and tumbling. What it has to fight against is naturally far more terrifying than what Wang Xuan faces. After all, it is wrapped around him.
Otherwise, even those who have ascended to the ninth level of immortality will not be able to bear it.
Finally alive, Wang Xuan felt that some of the rules that had penetrated him began to dissipate. He could endure it. He endured the severe pain of Ling Chi and disintegrated and reassembled his body several times.