ritory has a large population, which is very important to the aliens who are taking the path of imperial transformation. If they are transformed into the same race, it can help them transform and improve their Taoism. In addition, this star field also has various immortals full of radiant energy. Mine, such fat meat will definitely be remembered.”

Many people are talking that even if the stranger is not dead and has transferred all his direct lineage, it will be difficult for this orthodoxy to recover.
/Historically, there have been more than one or two cases of these great religions falling.
/Wang Xuan pondered, the rare thing on the mobile phone was not a coincidence. The Heavenly Dining Hall sent him a medicinal meal, which really spanned many star fields, which was a bit scary.
In any case, there is no doubt that the transmission capabilities of the channels corresponding to the icons on the mobile phone are super strong!
“Newcomer, come this way.” Someone shouted.
Chen Yu led Wang Xuan and Wolverine over, and Wu Xingtian also carried Little Sirius in his hand.
This is an area near the center of the mountaintop city. Every inch of land is very valuable. There are several large courtyards here that ordinary people are not allowed to approach.
Not only Wang Xuan and Wolverine, there are also some newcomers, all of whom are extraordinary, including humans, the innately powerful Dapeng, and the long-billed Silver Crane clan who are born sword immortals.
In addition, there are some so-called “old people” who have received training a few years ago, and they are all creatures who are valued more by the Black Peacock Sacred Mountain.
This compound really lived up to its name, it was so vast. After entering, I realized that this was a place of cultivation, a very large “blessed place”.
Overall, the compound is a reddish-brown plain.
There are several old peacocks standing in front, some have transformed, and some remain in the form of Karasuba. They look very mysterious and beautiful, but also extremely dangerous.
The peacock “instructors” here are different from the enthusiastic peacocks outside. They all have strong evil spirits and the smell of blood is astounding to their nostrils. Needless to say, they have killed many opponents.
An old peacock said quite calmly. He moved a maza first and sat on a higher ground to watch the show.
“Behave well. There is no need to hide your clumsiness in a place like this.” Chen Yu came over and whispered.
Moreover, she informed that the descendants of the aliens brought back by the second elder, as well as the top wizards brought back by the first elder, all performed very well in the first competition.
“Aren’t they here now?” Wolverine looked around.
Chen Yu said: “They came half a month ago. They are extremely talented. They were put into the Peacock Clan’s old land ten days ago and have begun to receive the inheritance.”
The current batch is all newcomers.
“Although it’s a sparring match, what if we can’t hold back and hurt the other party?” Wang Xuan asked.