this age is a time of vitality and initial maturity. Several of them have faces from both east and west faces. The four men are tall and tall. Even though some of them are average in appearance, they have outstanding temperaments. The three women are all young, beautiful and energetic.

Da Wu and a woman stand out the most, and their charm and temperament are at two extremes.
The brilliant morning glow is falling, outlining Da Wu’s amazing curvy figure. Now it does not reflect her bad-tempered side, but only magnifies her other beautiful aspects.
As for the other woman, she was naked, extremely beautiful, youthful, and had beautiful big eyes that were very pure, like a student who had just graduated from high school and entered college.
This kind of pure temperament is quite clear. Without any makeup, she would look like a newly admitted college beauty. She is about 172 centimeters tall and has long flowing hair. She can easily knock down some young boys and old men.
Both Da Wu and the twenty-year-old woman in front of him are quite outstanding and attractive. Wang Xuan looked at it with the eyes of appreciating beautiful things.
He admired that the two extremes of temperament and beauty, standing side by side, were really pleasing to the eye.
The smile looked like that of an innocent woman entering college for the first time, which was indeed very quiet and beautiful in the sunshine. She introduced herself politely and softly, and it turned out to be Xiao Zhong.
In love? Wang Xuan was surprised, this name
“Love at first sight can lead to a lifetime. Xiao Wang, please don’t be deceived by her appearance. Xiao Zhong has always eaten people without spitting out their bones.” Da Wu folded his arms and smiled, and he immediately started to make trouble.
“Zhong Qing.” Xiao Zhong corrected and explained with a smile. It was Qing on a sunny day. She stood tall and graceful and said with a smile: “Da Yin Yin likes talking nonsense the most. She also likes to tease people. She has a big temper and I am afraid of her.”
Wang Xuan felt deeply. Xiao Zhong still looked like a student, but he showed extraordinary fighting power both inside and outside his words. Big Yin Yin, bad temper, all kinds of bad things, nonsense, and teasing were all pointed out.
Da Wu raised his snow-white chin, combed his hair, glanced at a certain part of Zhong Qing, and said: “Xiao Zhong, despite your pure face, you don’t know how many people you have deceived. You are very unscrupulous.”
/“Xiao Wang, let me tell you, not long ago, Xiao Zhong was plotting against you, and his thoughts were too deep. This was completely influenced by their old Zhong.” Da Wu crackled, his combat power was off the charts, and he quickly revealed something.
At this time, Da Wu spoke very quickly to prevent Zhong Qing from interrupting. He could be described as simple violence, direct and effective, and said: “The girl from the Zhong family was discussing with someone just now. She wanted to find a big master to weigh your combat power and test your true strength