ig explosion when he penetrated the battleship.

Then, two battleships were penetrated by him and fell apart instantly!
People realized that it was indeed “fake” earlier and his extraordinary factor had not bottomed out at all. Now, all parties feel their bodies are chilling, but he is still unleashing his extraordinary power. The red super matter is extremely rich, turning into haze, sweeping the battlefield with him.
Among Mu Qing’s fleet, only Lei Tuo and Yu Hong escaped early. They left after Zhen Chao died and before Mu Qing joined the battle.
In fact, they didn’t know Mu Qing’s trump card or how strong he was.
Of course, they were thankful afterwards that they didn’t get hit, and decided to go away first. So what if there was an extra lantern? Mu Qing still died, these people sighed, just live in peace for the rest of their lives.
Almost all the remaining people were wiped out. The fleets of the Zhong family and the Zhao family appeared with no other purpose than to wipe out the remnants of Mu Qing!
Mechanical Bear and Aoki naturally also joined the battle. The remaining warships all became targets. One after another, dazzling lights bloomed. In the vast starry sky, looking from a distance, it looked like fireworks in full bloom.
In the distance, the originator of Gouchen Imperial Palace was in a very embarrassed state. He ran away and could not reconcile with Wang Xuan. He felt that he was in danger wherever he was. As a result, he was unexpectedly blocked by Zhou Yun, the rotten one, in the distant starry sky.
His heart sank completely. Neither he nor Xiaoyaozhou had enough super matter to survive.
“Is there any way to escape this disaster?” he asked Xiaoyaozhou.
“This” Gouchuan was desperate.
Wang Xuan chased and followed quickly. Although he was far away, his spiritual eyes had already locked onto the scene there. The speed of Xiaoyao boat had indeed become very slow. Gouchuan was covered in blood and was being chased by the warship. with bombardment.
Wang Xuan stood erect in the starry sky and suddenly threw the Royal Dao Spear. It turned into a sky-shattering rainbow and streaked across the cold universe. He pursued it at a very fast speed, as if time waves were splashing, too fast!
There was a “pop” sound, and the moment blood flowers rushed up, the originator of Gouchen Imperial Palace turned pale, and was extremely desperate. Before he could even scream, he disintegrated with a bang and turned into cosmic dust!
The Royal Dao Spear was extremely dazzling, and its entire body was filled with rich red super-matter, as if it had been burned red. It was inserted into the universe and was breathtaking.
At this time, it was silent and motionless. Gou Chao was crucified by it, disintegrated and dissipated completely in front of it!
The still picture has attracted the attention of countless people from all over the new star, the old land, and the depths of the starry sky. In the hearts of ordinary people, it has a label and is Wang Xuan’s weapon.
/Many superpowers are using the most advanc