g, and the remaining supreme rules have not dissipated to this day.

“It ranks among the best among the treasures and can split the life pool.” This is the evaluation of the Royal Dao Spear. It actively sends out fluctuations in consciousness and is quite serious.
Its entire body is covered with fine textures, and the supreme rules expand. The lingering traces of the rules left here, knife marks, and residual breath are all the most valuable information.
“I should be able to gnaw this hard bone.” The Royal Dao Spear is very confident. It is not strong and does not rush. It thinks it can deal with this long knife, a prohibited item in the extraordinary universe.
Wang Xuan left the plane rift here, took a silver-white spaceship, and appeared on some planets in the land of technological life. It was a pity that he did not wait for Shang Yi to attack.
To this day, he doesn’t worry about enemies jumping out. By now, he should be able to defeat all his previous opponents. It’s just a pity that he couldn’t get the Feathering Banner.
A few days later, he embarked on his return journey along the ancient wormhole. It only took about ten days in total before he returned and was close to the old land.
He found an opportunity to tear open the secret realm of outer space in the old land. Finally, he controlled the Yudao Spear and once again came to the crack where the Yudao Banner civilization was located.
“Is it true that every crack in the plane has a story that is very important and connected to an inexplicable place?” he thought.
Whether it is the place where the extraordinary sea of ??light disappears, or here, or the gap in the universe where the technological life is, it is no small matter.
“It’s a pity that there is no Yuhua Banner. How about filling it with Xiaoyao Zhou?” He said to himself.
In an instant, it looked like a delicate boat carved from an olive stone, emitting soft light and sending out hazy fluctuations of consciousness, telling it that nine years ago, it had sensed the breath of the Feathered Flag in the land of technological life.
/“That’s right.” Wang Xuan nodded. Shang Yi had indeed been to that starry sky, but now he couldn’t find it.
/“How about filling the life pool into the formation diagram.” He whispered again.
The pool of life glows, emitting vague fluctuations of consciousness, very indignant, to the effect of: Be a human being!
Wang Xuan immediately instilled a large amount of extraordinary factors into the Royal Dao Spear, and the red substance immediately evaporated over a large area, covering the area. He said: “Let’s stuff the life pool into it and smelt it into the killing formation diagram!”
“I recognize the writing on the metal plate you got in Xinxing. It’s the Burning Dao Sutra.” Such hazy fluctuations of consciousness came from the life pool.
In the end, Wang Xuan left here peacefully with the three treasures, without mentioning the matter of filling in the formation diagram.
In the old soil, winter is over, the ice and snow have long since melted, the grass and trees on