the ups and downs of the twelve-story building

For no reason, Chu Weiyang actually thought that at some point, Qing He had hinted at Chu Weiyang’s words in his whispers. Such words, perhaps Shi Yuting had also mentioned it during that ambiguous time. I have heard similar statements, but they are much more obscure than what Qing He said.
But when I think of those half of the spiritual beings, the iron beads smelted from the sword pills that sealed most of those half of the spiritual beings, and the “heroic feat” of drinking it all in one gulp and sealing it in the stomach pill cauldron.
/Chu Weiyang suddenly felt a little dry. When he subconsciously held up the jade lamp in front of him, his already scattered thoughts became even more delayed at this moment.
He suddenly realized that in the hazy and bizarre memory of his previous life, and in the scenes of beautiful lights and shadows intertwined like those seen from the inside, those people dressed in ancient robes had to look at each other during banquets. Holding the bronze lamp while holding the corners of the sleeves to cover it in front of the face is considered an ancient etiquette.
When I read it at the time, I didn’t think anything of it. But now that I think about it, I suddenly realize that it makes some sense.
That truly beautiful woman who is extremely graceful may have to do everything under the hazy cover of mist and rain in order to be able to teach people not to lose her composure or be rude.
Of course, looking at it now, Shi Yuting may not have thought too hard and didn’t expect this.
/It’s just that the person in front of him is Chu Weiyang. Xu Shishi Yuting hopes that Chu Weiyang can lose his composure and be rude.
It’s not very clear what Shi Yuting is thinking and what kind of mental journey he has, but Chu Weiyang has already felt something. Ever since the sea-eye whirlpool and his entourage in the deepest part of the outer sea, perhaps he has been in his own mind. At the same time, Shi Yuting also experienced a great change in his state of mind.
After returning for only half a day, Shi Yuting almost seemed to have been reborn. He looked like the same person, but inside he seemed to have completely changed his state of mind.
When a monk at the Nine Refining Alchemy Realm of Baihualou no longer conceals the secret method of Baihualou that he has learned over the years, he uses it in his every move. The more peaceful he is, the more full of charm he becomes, almost teaching Chu Weiyang There was no way to resist. At least during the few moments of discussing the law with each other, similar distractions had happened to Chu Weiyang many times.
It’s not that the Taoist heart honed in the Demon Suppressing Cave is not tough enough, it’s actually that the secret method of Baihua Tower is too dazzling, making it difficult for people to guard against it.
And Chu Weiyang’s covering up action here was too obvious. In the same place, Teacher Yuting suddenly woke up from his meditation. The beauty did not say anything for a while, but instead sm