d constantly on Chu Weiyang’s physical body.

There is no trace of leakage, this is the harmony and subtlety of the innate Bagua.
/And it is in this stretch of time, between almost every breath of lightning and stone fire, every square inch of heaven and earth in this narrow and bloody battlefield, every golden elixir realm great monk of the old and new paths, The struggle between life and death was all reflected in the gaze of Chu Weiyang’s supreme eye skills.
Chu Weiyang had experienced all this in a bloody battle, and now, with his side observation, he could further understand the subtle details of what he had experienced.
What is overturned in the cycle of death and life is calamity!
Death Tribulation, Decline Tribulation, Small Five Decline Tribulations, Big Five Decline Tribulations, Life Tribulation
Countless calamities!
The seven people in the distance were staring at Chu Weiyang for a long time, but Chu Weiyang was staring at the battlefield for a long time.
Time passed slowly during this process.
It is during this process of gazing that the power of the years has not leaked out, and the level of cultivation has not increased or decreased. As Chu Weiyang feels about the calamity, a certain unique sedimentary temperament emerges from the Taoist’s body. Zhou inevitably emerges.
This change made the seven people feel uneasy, and the ultimate level of this uneasiness was at a certain moment, when Chu Weiyang suddenly raised his head and looked directly at the seven people’s gaze from a distance, and revealed an inexplicable expression. After the smile.
Under the unreasonable and uneasy gazes of the seven people above Yuncheng, Chu Weiyang suddenly closed his eyes slowly.
At that moment, the Taoist’s smile seemed to clearly reveal some kind of heartbeat.
Do you want to target Pindao to death here? Just relying on the seven of you? not enough! Far from enough!
In the midst of the lightning and stone fire, Chu Weiyang was sitting in the air. In his inner body of the Heavenly Dao, and in the three realms of the Taoist field where his Dao Fruit was integrated, the same shocking changes as in the past were taking place!
At this moment, there is never the birth and capture of Tao and fruit in a specific thing or event.
Life and death are very broad concepts.
For Chu Weiyang, he had personally influenced the life and death of many monks. It was a long road paved with blood and bones all the way through all levels to the existence of a real person in the divine realm.
But now, he has personally observed the life and death of many monks. They are the old and new paths, all traces and contexts that can be seen, and all the supreme dharma that can be calculated throughout the ages are blurred. The collision between the Dharma and the Open Heaven Dharma is a trial and error at the cost of spiritual life, and the level of Taoism and Dharma is determined by the final judgment of life and death.
And when Chu Weiyang put all this into his own personal experience, and observed it from the side for a long time, he