tality, absorbing the external essence. The breath in the furnace is mysterious, and the old and new souls resonate.

“This time the Taoism has improved even more!”
In this way, Wang Xuan used his life as a bargaining chip, borrowed the power of the red haze, resonated with the old and new souls, kept tossing and practicing, and his strength was steadily growing!
For a moment, all his thoughts broke into that spot of light, leaving the remains of his old soul outside, and he felt the world with his soul.
What he saw was that many of the external materials were decayed, enveloping the old soul, and there was also the old mythical atmosphere on the treasure, the body-killing flag and other objects.
The red hazy ocean carries destructive power, but it also contains traces of new energy.
Even at this moment, he actually felt the changes in the outside world, vaguely saw his physical body, and saw the inner scene that opened on its own.
The light spots in the physical body, the condensed light spots in the inner scene, and the light spots in the core imprint of his soul, the trinity, interact with each other, are all improving.
In his opinion, the outside world was an extraordinary cold winter, full of darkness. Myths were extinguishing like fire. Only three light spots were shining, waiting for rebirth in the frozen soil.
“The new soul, the new essence of flesh and blood, and the new inner scene of light, do they look like this? The external supernatural world is decayed and is collapsing, and darkness envelopes the universe.”
In the end, Wang Xuan himself didn’t know how many times he “sued death”. He felt that he might have entered a new world.
His conduct and the essence of his life have improved a lot!
Now, his old soul is also somewhat decayed and cannot be completely restored. However, the essence substance contained in it maintains a balanced state, and the new soul is no longer drawn from here.
“Is this the mission accomplished? Waiting for the old soul to completely decay, fall off, turn into ‘soil’, and nourish the seeds of the new soul to grow?”
Wang Xuan has a clear understanding that everything is moving forward according to a certain trajectory. Now it is useless to force it. His strength has improved a lot.
He has come to a critical period, with no way forward and no retreat, waiting for new life and changes!
The state of his physical body outside and the interior locations are roughly similar.
/Finally, Wang Xuan returned with the sword, dagger and other items. He opened his eyes suddenly, and with a slight shock, a layer of charred black on the outside of his body fell off, revealing his powerful and shiny body.
However, he can sense that there is a bit of decay in the outer body and the old interior place, which other people cannot feel. He himself knows very well that, like the Yuan Shen, he has conveyed the most original mark of life to the light spot. , waiting for the Great Nirvana.
“Have you become stronger again?” Jiang Qingyao was almost speechless. What kind of era is this? Othe