m, which was equivalent to the ancient demon emperor’s sword coming out, all rushing through the sky.

Tens of thousands of silver lights were hard to count, and the sky was filled with snow-white swords. They were so dense that they gave people a sense of fear, filling every inch of space in the world.
Boundless, countless sword rays erupted. He was fighting to chop off that white hand and strangle Fang Yuzhu. He didn’t want the scene of yesterday’s defeat to reappear.
The space was hazy, collapsed, penetrated by countless demon emperor swords, and turned white.
Zhang Daoling frowned slightly, feeling that the ancient Demon King lived up to his reputation and was indeed powerful.
The Ancestor of the Nether Blood Cult was also shocked, secretly sighing that he was indeed the peerless Demon King, a giant from ancient times, who reappeared in the world and still gave people such a powerful and terrifying feeling.
Fang Yuzhu didn’t intend to waste time with him, so she went all out with her attacks. The winner would be determined by the collision. The silver armor on her body roared loudly, like the invincible female war goddess coming into the world.
Her snow-white palms felt as if there was a world in a grain of sand, a universe in a flower, and she was crushing them when they came up.
With a bang, the boundless runes fell down and flew out from her snow-white palm prints, shattering the sword light that filled the sky. With just one palm strike, the huge silver wolf roared and rolled over, covered in blood. go out.
Silver Wolf Xiaoyue, this is the form of the primordial spirit body. In this land of radiated blood moon, Bai Ye has been obviously blessed, growing bigger and bigger, opening up the heaven and earth, and the boundless super matter surrounds him.
For a moment, outside the huge wolf, the silver light turned into a star, the stars were intertwined, the sun and the moon were in the sky, and the Demon King’s body seemed to be standing in the big universe!
The war that year left him with a nightmare, and now, he didn’t want to experience it again.
The White Night Demon King held a galaxy, carrying the stars in the sky, raised his head and roared, devouring the sky and the earth. In this era of exhaustion, he tried his best to use the remaining rules to strangle Fang Yuzhu.
Unfortunately, under Fang Yuzhu’s rare cold eyes, all his confrontations were doomed to be fruitless.
In front of Fang Yuzhu, two rays of sword light intersected, surpassing the meaning of Zhan Dao Sword. The textures were intertwined, like a rainbow and a sword, and the two rays of light flew out.
The White Night Demon Emperor’s soul body was cut open, and a large amount of soul light poured out, like blood flowing, and the so-called starry sky, stars, sun and moon all dimmed instantly.
/Then, a glistening white palm came down, causing all matter to collapse and explode.
The White Night Demon Emperor was so powerful that many people despaired, otherwise why would he be revered as the Demon Emperor? He was one of the mos