uldn’t explain them.

Finally, he escaped from the passage and hid far away to wake himself up. Was he still in an illusion? That shouldn’t be the case!
/He walked away in one breath, left here, and returned to the Pond of Life. He sat cross-legged in the middle and plucked a tea fruit directly. He didn’t brew it, but bit into it. It was bitter and astringent, with a light fragrance.
“I should leave there. I am no longer in the illusion. If I was so deep in the illusion, the magic flower would have had the chance to kill me.” Wang Xuan muttered to himself and calmed down completely.
He opened his palms and held a corner of red silk in his hands. This was a corner of Demon Lord Yanyan’s burnt red dress. He calmly intercepted a piece and brought it out.
“It’s not a hallucination. Did I really see them? Impossible!” Wang Xuan felt a little messy in the wind, and he was really not calm at this time.
“Could it be that I have never left the meteorite passage and I am just getting rid of it now? And my recent experiences, including killing Zheng Yuantian, Heng Jun’s tragic death, and the mysterious shadow trying to devour me, are these all fake?”
A chill ran down Wang Xuan’s spine. He felt like he was being poisoned. He couldn’t tell the difference between what was virtual and what was real.
He carefully buried the hem of the red skirt in the dirt mountain beside the pool. He decided to go to the crater to take a look. Otherwise, he would feel uneasy and would feel like he was going crazy.
At the same time, in the outside world, a peerless person was speaking: “Thinking carefully about the horror, the light of my soul is spreading, blurring, and disappearing.”
“It’s weird. What’s going on? Could it be that the most terrifying incident from the past is happening again?” Another person was awakened.
If his recent murder of Zheng Yuantian, being sheltered by two shadows on a rainy night, and Heng Jun’s tragic death after losing his treasure are all fake, is this tea fruit also a fake?
The people in the meteorite passage were all Yuanshenguang. After he escaped there, he carefully confirmed it. At this moment, he felt chills in his heart and was also a little confused.
Wang Xuan was unwilling to give in after all, and then he came again!
Under the meteorite passage, he looked up. He observed with his spiritual eyes for a long time. When it was safe, he protected himself with two skins, opened the way with the God-Slaying Flag, and soared into the sky.
In his opinion, this meteorite passage is more extreme than a natural chasm and more difficult than climbing to the sky. If he really wants to rush through it, he may change the world!
He is now restless, unable to sleep or eat well. If he does not find out the truth, he feels that his heart will be cast by a heavy and terrifying shadow.
Those people were no longer in their original positions. They seemed to have been hiding in the excavated passage for a long time. After regaining their energy, they were already heading upwards, but their steps were difficult.