nxian, don’t dream of being supreme!”

The emperor raised his eyebrows.
Tianzun said: “He can let you kill me now. He has raised you so fat that he can kill you in the future. He is a single man, Zhou Wu. If you see this clearly, join forces with me!”
The emperor was silent, only listening to the gurgling water and not hearing other sounds.
After a long time, the emperor said: “Brother Dao, you have said so much, is it because you are injured and are not sure you can beat me?”
Tianzun’s face suddenly darkened.
“After you were injured, you returned to Immortal Court with the purpose of secretly taking away your Cave Abyss and Ancestral Continent. You did not hesitate to take the risk to get back Ancestral Continent because your injury was so serious that you could not heal it, so you had to come and get it. Go to Zuzhou and borrow the fairy spirit of Zuzhou to make up for your losses.”
/Tianzun smiled and said: “Your ranking in the immortal world is always lower than mine. Are you sure you can beat me?”
The emperor turned his head and said with a smile: “Do you think I have been studying ways to deal with the immortal true spirit for 48,000 years just to deal with Xu Ying?”
Tianzun laughed loudly: “Xu Ying is still alive today. Haven’t you been able to kill him after studying for 48,000 years? If you can’t kill him, are you sure you can deal with me?”
The murderous intent between the two became more and more intense, and Xiao Xixian felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave, unable to move due to the pressure of the murderous intent of the two.
She secretly complained in her heart, regretting that she should no longer engage in the smuggling business. While he was thinking wildly, suddenly, the emperor smiled and said, “Don’t you know if you try it?”
Xiancha traveled to the middle of the Tianhe River. At this time, the water was rushing. Xiancha flew across the river faster and faster, and saw the strange mountains and rocks on both sides of the bank passing by in a flash, showing the majesty and magic of heaven and earth.
The Emperor’s feet paused, and the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Extinction Immortal Formation exploded. At the same time, Tianzun’s body became more majestic, and the Supreme Immortal Sutra of All Realms was operating to the extreme, shining the immortal light from the body to the outside!
The two people’s dojos were spread out, with Tao trees standing tall and majestic, Tao fruits hanging, thousands of cold Tao lights like swords, cutting into the opponent’s dojo!
Xiao Xixian stood between the two of them holding the oar, unable to move. She saw that dazzling light exuding an aura that extinguished everything, passing by her and past her face!
At this moment, Xiao Xixian felt as if she had entered a kingdom of giants. The emperor at the bow of the boat and the deity at the stern were getting bigger and bigger, becoming more and more majestic. They were like giant gods standing tall on the sky and the earth, controlling the universe!
Even Xiancha became extremely huge under the powe