Wang Xuan’s eyes widened. Even in a detached and cold state of mind, he still felt his heartbeat speeding up and his breathing becoming heavy.
So many pre-Qin bamboo slips, how many scriptures are recorded, and what level of root and body skills are involved? There was even a golden roll, how could he not be tempted?
/However, he did not dare to move his body anymore, fearing that if the wind picked up the slightest bit, everything in front of him would be blown away, leaving nothing behind.
After watching for a long time, he sighed softly, so what if he could walk over? All the bamboo slips have not been unfolded. If he wanted to take the initiative to look through them, he would probably only be left with mottled light and decaying dust.
This feeling made him a little uncomfortable. He could only stare at it, unable to get close to it, let alone touch it. He knew that there was a priceless scripture on the long case but could not get it.
“Forget it, I already have the alchemist’s root method from the pre-Qin period, and the physical skills left by Zhang Daoling, the founder of Taoism. These are all mysterious and unfathomable. I need to spend a long time to study them. There is no need to be greedy for more. I was given all the bamboo slips on the long desk, and I didn’t have time to practice.”
/Wang Xuan comforted himself and took a step back. He suddenly felt that the sea and sky were vast, and his spirit seemed to be sublimated.
He was surprised, is this enlightenment?
Soon, he realized with horror that this was not the case at all, because the surrounding scene had changed. It was no longer a building, but a truly magnificent world, so it felt magnificent.
He was silent, standing here, using the methods of the pre-Qin alchemists.
In an instant, everything returned to its original state, with ruins and old decaying scenery, and priceless bamboo slips displayed on the long table in the silent room.
Suddenly, he felt that the atmosphere was strange and something was wrong. He turned around suddenly. The moment he turned back, his pupils shrank sharply and he involuntarily stepped back.
Because, in front of his eyes, there was a pair of shoes as red as blood, standing in the air, level with his eyebrows. It was obviously a pair of shoes belonging to a woman.
The sudden appearance of such an unusual scene in the dim ruins made the calm Wang Xuan’s heart skip a beat, feeling strange.
There was bright red blood falling from the shoes. It was very scary, almost dripping on Wang Xuan’s body. He took a few steps back, and then saw a dazzling thunder falling from the sky, like the Milky Way falling straight into the sky, straight through the bloody sky. red shoes.
In an instant, a pair of snow-white jade feet appeared in the red shoes, and then straight white long legs, and in an instant, the snow-white dress fell down, covering her body.
Haunted? !
Wang Xuan felt something was very wrong. Although he hadn’t seen the woman’s face clearly yet, he felt that it must be related to the female alchemist.