t I just say that her mother will return to Junsha tomorrow? When her mother was in Junsha, Zhu Juntang was often grounded. She will suffer in the future. Can you not be happy when you think that evil people will have their own trials and tribulations?” Liu Changan has always liked it. Watch the mother tidy up the child.

It was for this reason that Bai Hui jumped up and down holding the doll pig.
/“By the way, I have something I want you to discuss with me.”
Seeing that Liu Changan’s expression became serious, as if he wanted to be more serious for a while, Bai Hui roughly guessed what he was going to say, and quickly turned around and ran away: “I’m going to find Xiaotang, we have important things tonight.”
At least I know I’m guilty! Liu Changan originally wanted to talk to her about the very bad nature of “milking him”, but seeing how panicked she was, he didn’t bother to catch up. These fairies even ran away in similar postures, just like Zhu Juntang’s fleeing back. Exactly the same.
Liu Changan did not go home immediately, but continued walking on the street, heading towards the bar street.
If the guess is correct, Qin Zisi went to the women’s health club today, and then came to the bar street to stay.
After walking a few steps, I saw the Public Security Department car that Qin Zisi rode in the evening in front of the bar with the largest business area in Junsha.
From his angle, he couldn’t see what was going on in the car, but Liu Changan believed she was sitting inside.
It’s just that the tauren was ferocious and violent, but his movements were meticulous and cautious, leaving no clues at all. It was worrying how long it would take to bring him to justice by relying on conventional means.
All employees of a wealthy vegetable company were brutally murdered, which is a shocking case in today’s peaceful society. If it spreads, it will probably make the entire society panic. Coupled with the guidance of public opinion, some people will suddenly shout that this country The level of public security is no different from that of Chou Lijian.
Under such circumstances, Qin Zisi was under a lot of pressure. Liu Changan showed some concern and went home.
The community is very quiet. The orange-yellow street lamp light falls on the roads and building walls, giving it a faint warmth. There are some potholes under the sycamore trees, which makes it look like a farmyard. Looking up, the balcony on the second floor is still shining with light. It seems that he is waiting for his family to return late at night.
“It’s so late, why don’t you go to bed?” Shangguan Dandan’s favorite drama about the ethics of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has not been released in the middle of the night recently. The only one who is still there is Zhou Shuling.
Zhou Shuling was also wearing her favorite red woolen skirt. Liu Changan helped her change it. It was very flattering to her figure, and the bright color made her skin look soft and pink. The red skirt made her two plump and straight hair The legs became the focus of anxious