eet are the same size. She has four pairs here that are exactly the same, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to buy the same shoes as hers.” Bai Hui secretly rejoiced in her heart. She was very happy. There is no way that Zhu Juntang would want others to wear them. She gave the shoes to Bai Hui. She didn’t know how much these shoes cost, but where could Zhujuntang’s items be cheap?

“Four pairs are exactly the same?” An Nuan can buy several different colors of the same style, but these four pairs of Zhu Juntang’s shoes are probably exactly the same, right?
“Is there any problem?” Zhu Juntang was confused by Yu Annuan’s doubts.
“No.” An Nuan thought to herself that you are probably a centipede spirit with feet all over your body, so it would be just right to wear four pairs of shoes at a time.
“I can also give you a pair.” Zhu Juntang said generously. I liked them very much when I bought them, but I have worn them today and they don’t feel so fresh anymore.
“No, I can’t wear your shoe size.” An Nuan waved her hand. Her height is here. If she wears a size 3536 like Bai Hui and Zhu Juntang, she will look top-heavy and her whole body will look top-heavy. It’s no longer coordinated.
Zhu Juntang turned sideways and was about to lower his head to look at An Nuan’s feet. An Nuan quickly shrank her feet and put them under the stool. Liu Changan hit Zhu Juntang on the head. Zhu Juntang held his head in pain and glared at Liu Changan. Although she He is very smart, but no one can accept that being hit in the head will make him stupid!
/Bai Hui wondered if she would also be beaten if she lowered her head to look at An Nuan’s feet. Bai Hui found that she was actually a little envious of Zhu Juntang for being hit on the head by Liu Changan just now. This thought made her feel a little ashamed. What was going on with this lowly feeling?
But what is certain is that Zhu Juntang and Liu Changan should have a close relationship caused by a secret reason unknown to An Nuan. Otherwise, how could Zhu Juntang be angry and aggrieved but still humming and not planning to fall out?
“But An Nuan’s legs are really long.” Since An Nuan had a friendly attitude today and did not carry a gun or stick, Bai Hui also sincerely praised An Nuan. Normally, he would be envious, but he wanted to praise An Nuan in front of Liu Changan. An Nuan, however, was somewhat reluctant. He was already very proud, so why should he further fuel his arrogance?
/“You’re like two bamboo poles. In fact, the key is to have a well-proportioned figure. You two have good proportions and you both look slender.” An Nuan praised the other party but felt regretful. “I can’t wear many cute stockings, those soft ones.” Cute and soft socks are basically only suitable for girls under 1,68 in height.”
“But you look good in a skirt. You have to be tall to be elegant in an evening dress, and wearing a cheongsam is also very tasteful.” Bai Hui also said.
Liu Changan watched them exchanging words without saying a word. He had reservations about the current friendly atmosphere. Girls a