if they succeeded in training them?

If you give it to Lao Zhang, he will at most suffer from schizophrenia, and it will just be repaired slowly in the future. But if you master it, it won’t become a serious problem.
Wang Xuan practiced for a long time and found that he could not practice the meaning of this sutra without putting himself into it or turning himself into a serious patient.
Moreover, he also needs to think that the world is the way it is, and what I think is right, and it should be like this.
He was in a trance for a long time, hypnotizing himself. Needless to say, it was really effective!
“No, with such an alternative method and such a patient, it does not necessarily mean that the soul is diseased. I think he is deliberately torturing future generations, testing people, and allowing them to self-correct to restore the essence of the scriptures.”
He looked back at the little white tiger, and he was really poisoned. He was grinding there alone, his eyes were dull, and he was immersed in his own world.
“Since it’s only me, then cut off the cause and effect of all things, starting with the dregs of my spirit, and destroy him.” The round-faced girl wanted to push Wang Xuan into the fire in the ashes.
Wang Xuan slapped her on the forehead and woke her up immediately, then ignored her with a dark face.
“This scripture is very interesting, give me the second half, I want to understand it!” After the round-faced girl woke up, she was very excited and looked extremely happy.
“Find a cool place to sober up.” Wang Xuan pushed her aside.
Finally, in front of the fire, he finally realized that when interpreting this scripture from his own perspective, all external feelings and inner self were thrown aside. In his own practice system, that is, everything is superimposed on reality, and he wants to find and absorb that rare but real special substance.
This may deviate from the original meaning, but he can only practice in this way, and it suits his own path.
“Different people have different understandings. I will exchange it with Lao Zhang for the Heavenly Medicine. If he is fine after practicing, he can consider promoting it and show it to Fang Yuzhu so that Sword Fairy can understand it.”
After all, this is the only scripture page that has not been burned, so it must have extraordinary value.
/Wang Xuan retreated here, absorbing the strange substances in the embers while practicing this sutra, searching from all things, opening his spiritual eyes, and carefully penetrating the essence of the world.
Indeed, there are traces of strange material flows in the void, but the source is unknown, as if they were born in the superposition of all things. However, the amount is too small, and it will take a lot of time to expect to accumulate enough.
Then, he saw an object with vigorous life, and the vitality contained some material that was close to reality, much richer than the void.
/She is the little white tiger.
“In other words, practitioners absorb various energy substances, which contain some c