in batches will definitely become stronger and stronger. He can still cope with it now, but soon, it will be hard to say. He may fall into the prey of others!

“Eula, mida” Lao Chen said sarcastically, telling Wang Xuan that it was almost done. He searched again and narrowed down the target.
He had an intuition that he was either at the Zhong family or the Ling family. Although the two families gave him face and allowed him to approach the secret warehouse, he felt a little dangerous.
For example, some bone fragments and relics were found in jars in the Zhong family’s secret warehouse. Old Zhong really dares to dig up anything, and now these are all time bombs.
/“Really or not, you have a chat with Zhong Laoer and ask him if there are any bones dug out from Xiong Mountain. If there are any, I will go and get rid of them directly!”
The next day, Lao Chen contacted Wang Xuan again. Zhong Changming did not know whether Lao Zhong had dug up the old Xiong Mountain. Zhong Laoer had not participated in any of these dirty activities and was relatively simple.
“There is a coffin, green and crystal clear, with leaves growing on it. The corpse inside has flesh and blood and has not decayed for thousands of years. I don’t know where it was dug out.”
Chen Yongjie said that his head was as big as a bucket, and he felt that the Zhong family’s secret warehouse was like a demon cave. As soon as he stepped in, he heard various movements inside.
“There is also a copper coffin, and inside lies a mysterious corpse. It is covered in silver hair and shiny, and through the cracks in the coffin, silver light is constantly emitting outwards.”
The key is, no one except Lao Zhong knows where these things were dug out. No one else in the Zhong family has studied or classified them.
“Zhong Laoer boasted to me that the Suihou beads are at their house, and there are also a few dragon beads. I saw them from a distance. Damn, they are all extra-large relics, shining brightly in the dark!”
Listening to Lao Chen’s complaints, Wang Xuan felt speechless. The Zhong family was going to make a big move!
At first, when he was chatting with the ferryman in the dead land, he never expected that his joke at that time would come true. He even underestimated Lao Zhong. There was nothing he dared to dig out.
Judging from this, there is no guarantee that the bones of ferryman Xu Fu are really in Lao Zhong’s house. I guess Lao Zhong also discovered that those bones were extraordinary, and guessed they were immortal bones, etc., so he put them away.
The only good thing is that the Zhong family has a dusty pond that looks very much like the legendary Pond of Rebirth. It is relatively calm and has not caused too much trouble in the secret vault recently.
Wang Xuan reminded Chen Yongjie not to go in rashly, but to just look outside.
“I have a sense of proportion!” At this time, Lao Chen held the “Sui Hou Pearl” in both hands, an extra-large relic. He was more respectful, and he was reciting the Sakyamuni scriptures, using the Buddha’s relics to quell evil