larly sticky.

An Nuan accompanied Liu Changan in the kitchen to cook. Liu Yuewang called several times to ask An Nuan to come out and watch TV with her, but he didn’t move her.
Liu Yuewang gradually realized a problem. If An Nuan and Liu Changan really got married in the future, even if they lived together, An Nuan would definitely roll into Liu Changan’s arms while watching TV. Then wouldn’t he be sitting alone on the sofa all the time? The other end? Or you can even hug a pillow.
We had to make a pact with them to prohibit affection in front of Liu Yuewang. Liu Yuewang thought about it and brought it up at the dinner table.
/“Mom, Gao Yening is a bit annoying, but there should be nothing wrong with his character, and he likes you very much. You should consider it.” An Nuan sighed, a little helpless.
/Even though she initially said she wanted her mother to blackmail Gao Yening, she was just talking out of anger. Mr. Gao seemed to have no problem with his character, and An Nuan didn’t want her mother to marry an old man. With her mother’s conditions, what young hero couldn’t be worthy of her?
“What nonsense are you talking about?” Liu Yuewang coughed lightly as he remembered the standards he had proposed to Gao Yening, “I don’t need you to help me think about my personal issues.”
“You can’t even stand watching other people’s love. It shows that your need for love has seriously affected your normal psychology.” An Nuan said worriedly.
“Who needs it? I’m fine. Eat, and don’t talk while eating.” Liu Yuewang picked up a piece of Arhat meat and threw it into An Nuan’s bowl.
An Nuan was a little helpless and stepped on Liu Changan under the table. She blamed her boyfriend for being so good that other women couldn’t help but have the illusion that “if I fell in love, I would be so happy”, which made them also particularly want to fall in love.
There is no way around this! After An Nuan stepped on Liu Changan, she smiled sweetly and gave him some food.
Liu Changan didn’t speak from the beginning to the end, and he couldn’t understand the messy psychological activities behind their words and deeds.
It is said that a woman’s heart is like a needle in the sea. In fact, it is really difficult to find a needle in a haystack. In addition to the vast area, the most important thing is that many hidden undersea creatures that have not been discovered by humans are very dangerous.
This is the case for Ottva-like creatures, for example. Many people believe that their original form became extinct 600 million years ago, but in fact they have successfully evolved to a state similar to that in the movie “Deep Chill”.
Some people compare women to Ultrava-like creatures, and Liu Changan doesn’t know why. It’s really strange.
Even an outspoken person like Liu Changan would not discuss with them why they resemble Ultrava-like creatures.
After lunch, Liu Yuewang was about to take a nap. Liu Changan promised that the children at home would go to the zoo today and went back first.
An Nuan originally wanted to go to the zoo, but she