with the Great Dao, but I still need the body, spirit and treasure. Master Qiao is already the most precious treasure of the Yuan Shi. Although it is my disciple, it is obviously not satisfactory for me to sacrifice it. After all, I don’t practice the same kind of path as it does. But having said that, the one closest to me is Ah Ying.”

Master Zhong hung above Xu Ying’s head, and the old god was there, and said secretly: “Who says the magic weapon must be a magic weapon? Can’t the magic weapon be a human being? When I sacrifice A Ying, I will be the beginning of the second certification.”
Xu Ying didn’t know its little plan and went straight to the place where the Dao Emperor lived, only to see that the Dao Emperor was not here.
He wondered in his heart: “The Tao Emperor is dying and may disappear at any time, but he is still running around. If you die, won’t the Yuanshi Tao Palace become a dead ringer?”
The Dao Emperor is related to whether he can enter the Yuanshi Dao Palace, so Xu Ying is very concerned about it. If he can go to the Yuanshi Dao Palace, it will definitely be of great benefit to him in transcending acquired and innate knowledge!
Xu Ying walked leisurely, searching for traces of the Dao Emperor.
Since he came to the Cosmic Cemetery, he has not taken a good walk around this place. This is the first time.
The Yuanshi Dao realms in the cosmic cemetery all gathered together to refine the treasure box of the Dao. They left their respective territories, leaving the cosmic cemetery dead and desolate, except for the ubiquitous Qi of Destiny, Qi of Killing and Nirvana. Outside, there are only sharp and sharp peaks, intertwined with canines.
In some places, there are still stone statues that have not been revived. They are much smaller than those in the Yuanshi Dao realm. They should be followers of Yuanshi.
Xu Ying was watching, and suddenly he saw a donkey walking out of the Immortal Palace not far away. He was slightly startled when he saw him, and then walked towards him with a fierce look on his face. As he walked, he stood up and shouted: “Xu Ying , I heard that you killed my master Daoyin, right?”
That donkey was the donkey that Dao Yin had subdued. It was extremely powerful, its cultivation level was close to that of the Yuanshi Taoist realm, and it was full of tendons and meat, and was very powerful.
/Xu Ying recognized it and said seriously: “He did die in my hands. Dao Yin wanted to kill me, so I had to do my best to kill him.”
When the donkey heard the words, he bowed his head and said happily: “My benefactor, please bow to the little donkey! The old thief Daoyin surrendered to me because he was higher than me, and let me, this dignified person at the end of the road, be his mount. ! This is a great shame and humiliation! It’s a pity that I don’t have the ability to kill him. Fortunately, my benefactor took action and killed the old thief!”
Master Zhong originally thought that he was here to avenge Dao Yin. As soon as he said the word revenge, he wanted to kill him to test his own