t bloody battles to sacrifice treasures. The Yin-Yang vine was beaten to pieces, and an unknown number of people were beaten to death. The broken immortal spiritual roots flew away in all directions to avoid the flames of war!

Many Qi Refiners grabbed the broken spiritual roots, took the spiritual roots, raised their cultivation strength to the extreme, and fought with him for their lives.
However, even so, they still couldn’t let Xu Ying die on the spot.
They saw the caves behind Xu Ying. The extremely bright caves distorted time and space. The six other worlds behind the caves were clearly visible.
This is an unequal battle. The person they are facing is not a human being, something they cannot understand.
/After an unknown amount of time, the killing finally reached its climax.
When three hundred of the most powerful Qi practitioners besieged Xu Ying, they shouted in unison, triggering a catastrophe. The tribulation was so powerful that it fell from the sky, trying to drag him along!
Xu Ying pushed the six secrets of the human body to the extreme, killing thirty-three people in an instant, and then raised the sky with one hand, overcoming the catastrophe!
Behind the heavenly calamity, the world of heaven beats the drum, and it is a god who is sending calamity to him from across the world!
This catastrophe was a trap, a killing move aimed at him. It was the gods of the heavenly world activating the heavenly artifacts in an attempt to destroy him!
Even if Xu Ying survives this catastrophe, he will still face the siege of 267 immortals!
However, Xu Ying still survived the catastrophe and killed two hundred and sixty-seven immortals.
This scene was so terrifying and horrible that it was imprinted in Taiyi Xiaoxuantian’s obsession!
The last scene showed the few remaining soldiers looking in horror at Xu Ying, who was covered in blood, approaching them. One of the faces was that of Tian Qingzi, who was killed and his heart collapsed.
At this moment, the heaven and earth shook violently, the mountain of corpses and the sea of ??blood subsided, and the yellow sand desert came into Xu Ying’s eyes again.
The obsession with this world was relieved after the outbreak and returned to the present world.
“This battle should be from the perspective of the strongest person in the world, right?”
Xu Ying said silently in his heart, “In their eyes, I am so evil and terrifying.”
“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”
There were shrill screams in the distance. Xu Yingxun walked over and saw that someone was crazy. They were several Nuo masters who had not been able to return to Shicheng and left here. The screams were extremely miserable.
“Don’t come over!” One of the Nuo masters from the Guo family shouted to Xu Ying with a sad and frightened expression.
Xu Ying stopped and heard someone in the distance laughing and shouting: “Kill!”
He walked up to him and saw that he was a Qi practitioner from the Yuanding world. He had already cultivated into a Yuan Shen, but he was so frightened that he went crazy and killed more th