familiar with this aura of heaven. He had experienced this aura at the Shishan Desolate Temple.

At that time, he glanced at the dry well in the temple, and when he saw the eyes of this huge creature, his mind was controlled by its heavenly aura, and he almost pulled Qingqi out of the dry well.
Later, Qingqi escaped from the trap and severely damaged the bell. The giant creature in the well also took the opportunity to escape from the trap and fled.
/Xu Ying walked out of the temple, and it was only now that he saw the true face of the behemoth. He is a mutant species of dragon. Although he has the head of a dragon, he has a triangular mouth, his body is covered with scales, and his posture is very strong and vigorous.
“He shouldn’t be a god, he should be a mount of the god!”
Xu Ying observed carefully that although the dragon creature had the aura of heaven, there were not as many heavenly runes on its body as the Long Yuan God. It was obviously a mount of a god, which was very different from a real god.
He doesn’t have the terrible sense of oppression like Long Yuan God.
Thinking about it, He was suppressed by people as a god who did evil.
The girl in front of the black coffin was Qingqi. She looked at Xu Ying and was quite confused when she saw Xu Ying’s eyebrows and hairstyle.
Xu Ying was wearing one shoe, one foot was bare, and his trouser legs were high on one side and low on the other.
Suddenly, violent fluctuations broke out, and bright caves rose up behind Li Xiaoke, distorting time and space!
The big dragon creature was disturbed and hurriedly jumped into the air to avoid Li Xiaoke. It stood in the clouds in confusion and looked down.
Li Xiaoke, dressed disheveled, stood up slowly, and more caves appeared behind him.
There was a loud bang bang bang sound, and Xu Ying’s heart sank. He felt that the prison-character seal he had left for him was shattered by Li Xiaoke!
Fairy Qingqi took a step forward, showing a shocked look, and looked at the cave sky behind Li Xiaoke.
A normal person who practices Nuo Qi can only have up to fifty-four caves, including Niwan, Yujing, Jianggong, Yuchi, Huangting and Yongquan, which respectively correspond to longevity, yin and yang, mental power, magic power, spiritual consciousness and soul. Six elixirs.
When each secret is opened to its peak, nine caves can be opened, and the speed of absorbing the elixir becomes faster and faster.
Any kind of secret treasure that opens up the nine caves can be called Nuo Immortal.
Unifying the six secrets and opening up fifty-four caves is the most ideal state for cultivating both Nuo Qi and Qi. No one has yet achieved it.
However, the cave heaven shown by Li Xiaoke went beyond the ideal state!
He has as many as two to three hundred caves!
And his Yuchi Cave has as many as forty-five!
Just these Yuchi Cave Heavens are equivalent to five times the magic power of Nuo Immortal. Coupled with his own cultivation, they are even more powerful and terrifying!
His magic power has reached a level that even an ideal Nuo Qi practit