n our Yi Alliance?”

Wen Nanxun straightened his clothes and was about to bow down.
/The woman in purple quickly stopped her and said, “Since we are Taoist friends, why should we be so polite?”
Wen Nanxun said: “I have no place to live now. If the Yimeng is willing to take me in, I will do my best.”
Shen Tu Lun said: “Since we are members of the same Taoist group, then Fellow Taoist Zuo Lian, you will escort Fellow Taoist Wen to Yimeng. Two Taoist brothers, let’s go and wait for the opportunity.”
The three people flew out of the building and disappeared into the sea of ??chaos.
Taoist Master Zuolian drove the Cuiyan Tower Boat. The Tower Boat sailed away from this place calmly, getting faster and faster.
Wen Nanxun stared at him and kept staring. Master Zuo Lian never changed his expression, as if he didn’t know she was looking at him.
After a long time, Wen Nanxun suddenly couldn’t help it and said loudly: “Senior Brother Zuolian, you have always been the leader of the Dao League. When did you join the Yi League and become a rebel?”
Taoist Master Zuolian looked as usual and said with a smile: “I have always been a member of the Yi Alliance.”
Wen Nanxun’s eyes widened and he lost his voice: “Always?”
Taoist master Zuolian activated the building boat and looked at the sea of ??chaos. There was a dark fire surging in his eyes, “We are not allies if we have different Tao. My Tao is different from that of the Tao Alliance. But back then, everyone in the Yi Alliance knew that it would be defeated, so I decided to join the Taoist League. One is to fight for the vitality of the Yimeng, and the other is to fight for the Taoism of the Taoist League. Now”
The dark fire in his eyes suddenly grew bigger and brighter, and the light in his eyes made his whole body glow.
“I don’t need to steal the Dao Alliance’s Taoism. The Dao Alliance’s Taoism has already been imprinted on Fellow Daoist Zhong.”
Taoist Zuo Lian smiled and said, “And the big man Xu Ying is also the time when he needs help the most! I no longer need to stay in the Tao Alliance!”
Wen Nanxun was silent for a long time and said with emotion: “The leader of the Righteous Alliance is the real plan.”
Taoist Master Zuo Lian smiled and said, “Of course he has no plans left.”
The Chaos Lotus and the Big Bell protected Xu Ying and rushed away without knowing the direction. On the rosette, among the lotus holes, lotus seeds flew up one after another. A little girl wearing a lotus leaf skirt carefully controlled the lotus seeds and fell into Xu Ying’s mouth.
This lotus seed is the result of the chaos lotus nurturing a complete universe, refining the innate essence, and condensing it.
Xu Ying was seriously injured. His sword was counterattacked by True Lord Yongle’s swords, and he was also seriously injured. If Da Zhong and Chaos Lotus hadn’t rescued him in time, True Lord Yongle could have easily killed him.
He didn’t know that True Lord Yongle had been cut off from all vitality by his sword.
“Thank you, Second Master.” Xu Ying woke up leisurely an