avenue of cause and effect does not exist, but that the avenue of cause and effect has turned into a state of chaos. There are also various avenues, such as the four extremes and eight desolations, such as the yin and yang of creation. These avenues have always existed, but they have become chaotic. Understand this A little bit can explain various anomalies in the Chaos Sea.”

Dao Master Zuolian woke up and raised his hand to pull, but he saw rays of light flying out from the sea of ??chaos. It was the light formed by the avenue of time and space, and it was ever-changing in his hands.
There are wonderful pictures in these lights, like the remnants of the annihilated universe in ancient times, and also like things that have never happened in the future era, the universe that has not yet been born.
Master Zuolian stared at these time and space and said: “The avenue of time and space is chaotic, so in the sea of ??chaos, it is possible to go to the future, and it is also possible to return to the past. Even the past and the future exist at the same time.”
He felt this most deeply. As the leader of the Taoist Alliance, he often encounters various strange phenomena in the sea of ??chaos. The strange phenomenon that touched him the most was Xu Ying and Changsun Shenghai’s journey to the spiritual world.
More than nine billion years have obviously passed, but Xu Ying and Changsun Shenghai said that only a few thousand years have passed. Over nine billion years, the two universes, the spiritual world and the other side, have been destroyed. So many stories have happened. However, this long time is only a short moment to others.
He activated the Taoist method, and the avenue of time and space entwined between his palms suddenly turned into chaos, flowing through his fingers.
Taoist Zuo Lian was astonished. At this moment, he actually realized the transformation of time and space chaos!
He fished out other avenues from the sea of ??chaos, such as Hongmeng, Wuji, Taiyi, etc., which turned into rays of light and danced around him. Suddenly they turned into chaos, turned into the energy of chaos, and fell down, hitting the deck of the Cuiyan building ship. Sound.
“The most wonderful thing is cause and effect and disaster.”
Li Xiao also understood something. With a fingertip, he picked up a strand of the Cause and Effect Road in the Chaos Sea and said, “Even if I escape from the other side and come to Yimeng, the cause and effect on the other side can still find me. The other side can still find me. Even the calamity can still catch up with me. It can be seen that it is not that there is no calamity of cause and effect in the chaos, but that the calamity of cause and effect becomes chaotic.”
/The rays of karma and misfortune danced around her fingertips, and suddenly turned into wisps of chaotic energy falling down.
Tongtian Taoist said: “In other words, no matter how high a person’s cultivation is and how high his Taoism, it is impossible to get rid of the disaster. Even at the end of the road, even if he is the Chaos