he was also pulled to fly to the shore involuntarily.

Zhu Hongyi gritted her teeth, her fingers were flying, and she rotated the strings, trying to shake his soul out.
Xu Ying strode towards Shi Jingtang with a stern look on his face, grabbed a big vermilion gourd and threw it at Shi Jingtang’s feet, saying, “You are the one who searches for souls and souls to practice kung fu for your ancestors, right?”
Shi Jingtang’s expression suddenly changed: “How do you know?”
He suddenly woke up, turned around hurriedly, and fled towards Shi Mansion.
Xu Ying turned around and did not leave the capital of the gods, but followed Shi Jingtang slowly. Zhu Hongyi staggered, followed him involuntarily, and continued to play with gritted teeth.
Zhu Chanchan followed Xu Ying and said with a smile, “Why don’t you just throw away the Pipa?”
/Zhu Hongyi was reluctant to part with this rare treasure. She floated in the air and gritted her teeth and insisted on playing.
Xu Ying followed Shi Jingtang to the Shi Mansion. Shi Jingtang fled into the mansion in a hurry, with a horrified look on his face, and shouted loudly: “Elder of the clan, elder of the clan! He is the one who burned our ancestors!”
Xu Ying stood outside the house, pulled out the stone ax stuck in his waist, gathered all his energy and poured it into the axe.
Amidst the sound of the pipa, the stone ax glowed with blood, and a sea of ??blood suddenly appeared behind Xu Ying. In the sea of ??blood, countless ancient beasts and huge corpses of gods and demons stood up and roared!
/Xu Ying slashed down with his axe, and the door of Shi Mansion was torn into pieces, and a sea of ??blood poured down, cutting into the depths of Shi Mansion, causing houses to collapse wherever he passed!
A group of Shijia Nuo masters who came to kill were dismembered in the bloody ax light, and there was no time to escape from the power of this peerless weapon!
Zhu Chanchan was so proud that she smiled at Zhu Hongyi who was floating in the sky and was still playing: “His ax was originally damaged, but I repaired it with two punches. Am I strong?” ”
Zhu Hongyi said in horror: “Who are you?”
“Me? I refine magic weapons for Emperor Zhou.”
Zhuchanchan giggled and said, “The Emperor of Zhou used my magic weapon to defeat the merchants and become gods.”
At this moment, a roar came from the Shi Mansion, and caves appeared one after another. There were eight caves in total. It was Shi Beihuang, the elder of the Shi family, who took action and tried to kill Xu Ying!
Xu Ying was filled with energy and blood, and he raised the Pure Yang Fire, and blew it out in one breath. The fire was blazing, and the old Shi Beihuang of the Shi family was drowned!
“There’s something wrong with Ah Ying’s state!” Dazhong thought to himself.
The blazing strange fire ignited Shi Beihuang. The elder, whose cultivation level was second only to that of the Shi family’s ancestor Shi Molle, was horrified, but he still rushed forward brazenly and said sternly: “No matter what kind of monster you are, you must die! ”