all around Xu Ying!

Next to Xu Ying was a very large ax that was chopped on the ground. The ax head was made of stone with a wooden handle, and was tied to the ax handle with rough hemp threaded through the stone.
Just a stone is taller than Xu Ying!
This ax was moistened with the blood of countless divine beasts and humans. Waves of ferocious aura emitted from the axe. Xu Ying’s consciousness came into contact with it slightly, and he felt as if he saw a mountain of corpses and a sea of ??blood coming towards his face!
On the other side of Xu Ying was a bone spear with a wooden handle, stuck diagonally on the ground. The wooden handle was rubbed very smooth, but the wooden handle was clearly a big tree!
The tree had strange textures painted with blood, which penetrated deeply into the wood. When Xu Ying’s eyes fell on it, a blood-red light flashed for a moment, then dimmed.
The tip of the bone spear is an unknown animal bone, which is polished and filled with ominous power.
When Xu Ying saw this thick and long bone spear, he couldn’t help but shudder. He felt as if he was floating in the sea of ??blood, rising and falling, with hideous-looking heads floating everywhere!
This bone spear kills too many creatures, and the hostility it cultivates is too fierce!
In addition to bone spears and stone axes, there are other huge weapons, between barbarism and civilization, including bronze axes, stone arrows, stone swords, bone flutes, wooden sticks, bronze swords, stone tripods, and bronze tripods, all of which are very special. It’s huge, it doesn’t look like a weapon used by ordinary people!
Only then did Xu Ying think that the primitive ancestors in the murals he saw on the cave walls were not necessarily of normal human size, but were most likely giants among a group of ancestors!
They are tall and tall, and drink blood from their hair. Even if they are not trained, their combat power is extremely high. With their own brute strength alone, they can fight with the giant beasts of the wilderness period!
After they practice the Qi Refiner’s skills taught by the female devil, they can collect Qi and refine Qi. This skill can be said to be unrivaled in the world!
These weapons are all filled with earth-shaking ferocity. It is precisely because their owners have killed too many people that their ferocious aura makes the big clock tremble slightly.
But in the center of these ancient ferocious soldiers, there is a giant coffin, which is more ferocious than these ferocious soldiers!
The ferocious soldiers were planted around the giant coffin, with the purpose of suppressing the ferocious energy in the coffin so that the supremely ferocious woman could not escape!
/In the center of the giant coffin, there is also a weapon handle with a bronze luster, with dazzling gilt patterns on it. It is inserted in the coffin, exuding a vast and profound sacred aura. All evil will be warded off, and the law of heaven will last forever!
“Heavenly Artifact!”
Xu Ying’s eyes couldn’t help but be captured by it, and fell on the d