inally part of the Ganoderma lucidum and was cut off by Xu Ying to make a magic weapon. Now it has returned to the black jade Ganoderma lucidum, allowing Xu Ying to control part of the power of the black jade Ganoderma lucidum.

“The sea of ??chaos has no center, so why is it divided into periphery and inner periphery?”
/Xu Ying asked, “The Three Realms are on the periphery of the Sea of ??Chaos, where there are many new universes. The pressure of the Sea of ??Chaos is much lighter than that of the inner circle, and the void is not oppressed so hard. How to explain this?”
Dao Huang said: “The periphery you mentioned was actually the cosmic cemetery.”
Xu Ying was stunned. The outer edge of the Chaos Sea was the original cosmic cemetery?
The Dao Emperor came to the ruins of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty and inspected the tens of thousands of cosmic debris that could not be destroyed by the Nirvana Tribulation, like inspecting the soil of black jade Ganoderma lucidum, very carefully.
The Dao Emperor straightened up and said, “Almost all the debris of the universe there, as well as the Yuanshi Dao realm, were sublimated in that battle and became part of the new universe. As a result, most of the disaster dissipated. Later, I took the surviving Dao with me. Friends moved away from there, and the universe cemetery also moved with it.”
/It was an extremely strange migration, because as they moved around, the pressure gradient of the Sea of ??Chaos also changed.
They stopped and built a dojo, and new cosmic debris also flew in, forming a new cosmic cemetery around their dojo.
At that time, the Dao Emperor finally realized that they, those in the Yuanshi Dao realm, were subject to the fate of the Chaos Sea just like the corpses in the universe.
The Yuanshi Dao realm and the debris of the universe accumulate more and more, and one day, a catastrophe of annihilation will erupt that will trigger the entire sea of ??chaos!
In this horrific catastrophe, countless universes will eventually be wiped out, the energy of chaos will be burned dry, Yuan Shi, Dao Ji, and Dao Master will all turn into ashes. No one, no life, or any universe will survive!
Dao Huang came to the side of the cosmic flood source and raised his hand, only to see that this extremely huge flood source was causing waves as he waved his palm.
It seems that as long as he is willing, he can open up this cosmic source and let it evolve into an unparalleled huge universe!
But Dao Huang still didn’t take action, but left alone.
Seeing that Xu Ying didn’t follow him, he stopped and looked back.
Xu Ying had no choice but to follow him and said with a smile: “Dao Emperor, where are we going?”
“Of course it’s the cosmic cemetery.” Dao Emperor said matter-of-factly.
Xu Ying had a sudden thought. Although he was open-minded and was in tune with these Yuanshi Dao realms, it was still unknown whether the other party would accept him.
“Dao Emperor, you just said that the Yuanshi Dao Realm is the culprit causing the Chaos Catastrophe, so in order to save the Chaos