rlapped and fell like thunder.

In the sky, the flames that revealed their true form were unfolded by Chu Weiyang’s sword. Then, the same red blood suddenly swayed in the mid-air as the sword light fell.
Immediately afterwards, Chu Weiyang was wrapped in five-color spiritual light and stepped forward. In the blink of an eye, a series of sword lights appeared. At the same time, the wide sleeves of the robe in his hand were raised.
Cut off the limbs, use golden needles to stabilize the orifices, and hang a treasure mirror on the ceiling.
/In the blink of an eye, when he was defeated and lost control of his body, Chu Weiyang’s methods of defeat, different ways of defeat, and the same miserable situation, showed a certain degree of familiarity.
Then, with the intersection of sword energy and sword light, from the skin to the blood marrow, Chu Weiyang was dismembered in an instant.
/Just like a cook trying to untie an ox, Chu Weiyang then knocked down the seal to stimulate its inherent vitality and vitality.
For a brief moment, with the dark red spiritual light emerging, and as it continued to engulf the original flesh and blood appearance, talisman and seal patterns emerged one after another, and another complete “True Shape Diagram” was branded by Chu Weiyang At the same time, along with the dimming of the spiritual light dust, the ghost was imprisoned in the treasure mirror.
Finally, a bright light emerged in the darkness and silence, and a jade slip came through the air. When Chu Weiyang glanced at it, he saw that inside it was a piece of high-quality fire seal script that had been lost to the world, and he was very excited. Satisfied, he put it into his sleeve.
After doing this, when Chu Weiyang looked at the vast and colorful galaxy, he suddenly felt the intention to leave.
Blindly accumulating the number of true form pictures will not lead to a day of self-exploration. Even as the number of pictures accumulates, it will only make Chu Weiyang feel more “indigestion”.
He planned to first comprehend the True Shape Diagram in the hope of making some tangible progress. Only when he could sort out the context of the true path forward could this vast galaxy truly become the material for his spiritual practice.
As soon as he thought of this moment, Chu Weiyang raised the magic umbrella in his hand again. In the blink of an eye as he twisted his wrist, the edge of the magic umbrella split into Xumi cracks, and the five-color spiritual light enveloped Chu Weiyang’s figure, and then from this dark and silent place… The world of nothingness escapes into the sky.
Just as Chu Weiyang’s figure disappeared, in this dark world, the colorful stars hanging in the sky suddenly rolled back. When he finally looked back, there was only a faint streak of yellow in the endless deep darkness. The aura is suspended, turning into the only color.
There are no Jiazi in the mountains, and it is so cold that I don’t know the year.
In the cave of the dojo, there is a long winter snow, and with the winter chill itself from beginning