truth? “

True Lord Daoji nodded and said with a smile: “Fellow Taoist is right.”
Tao Zun shook his head and said: “I have great righteousness in my heart and will not bend my waist for the Taoist alliance. Everything else can be compromised, but principles cannot be compromised.”
True Lord Daoji said: “Gong Daochuan, you were selected into the Taoist League because of your outstanding talent and qualifications. The Taoist League needs a genius like you to deduce Taoism to a higher level. This is the most important thing. You are wrong. You should not betray the Dao Alliance and betray the righteousness.”
The Taoist Master smiled and said: “I left the Tao Alliance back then and adhered to the Taoist heart. How many people in the Tao Alliance have cultivated Nirvana? I can do it with just one abandonment. How many people in the Tao Alliance have cultivated the Nine Paths of Evidence? I can make it with just an abandoned son. After I leave the Dao Alliance, I can aspire to the end of the avenue and go straight to the palace master. If I stay in the Dao Alliance, I’m afraid I will still be like Luo Taizong. May I ask, where is the righteousness of the Dao Alliance?”
True Lord Daoji’s eyes were cold and he said: “It is indeed not easy for you to achieve what you have achieved today. If I kill you now, you will definitely not accept it. You have been preparing for so long, and your purpose is to take advantage of the opportunity of the Nirvana on the other side to achieve perfect Nirvana in one fell swoop. The Great Way of Nirvana. In this case, you go and cultivate your perfect Great Nirvana, and cultivate your perfect Nine Paths of Evidence. After the Tribulation of Nirvana, I will come and kill you. At that time, you should have no regrets.”
Tao Zun looked solemn, stood up and said, “Are you so sure?”
True Lord Daoji sat where he was and said calmly: “Gong Daochuan, the master of the Dao Alliance Palace is more powerful than you think.”
Dao Zun laughed loudly, got up and left, and said leisurely: “The palace master is also a human being, he just has the first-mover advantage, but I can come from behind! When I succeed, I will be like the palace master!”
True Lord Daoji had no expression on his face. A Taoist temple slowly appeared around him, and he sat quietly in the temple.
/Dazhong hesitated for a moment, then saw that the giant flood source where Xu Ying was was still following Tao Zun, and quickly followed him.
“Tao Zun feels the pressure.”
The big clock looked around, and saw that the Taoist Master no longer talked and laughed with it, nor did he explain and teach the Taoist evidence-based way of annihilation. Instead, he meditated on one flood source after another. After each flood source, he rushed to the next one. Hongyuan.
The giant flood source where Xu Ying was located followed Dao Zun and swallowed up the flood sources of death one by one.
After six or seven years of this, suddenly there was a sound like a bowstring vibrating between heaven and earth. It was the sound of the last avenue of heav