efore speaking, and finally asked.

“So, little friend Five Poisons, do you know why this person came to Jing’an Daocheng?”
After hearing this, Chu Weiyang was still stunned even if he didn’t want to pause.
Yes, why did he come to Daocheng?
I just wanted to knit and decorate my feet, and I never thought about this aspect!
How to compile this?
While he was thinking about it, as Chu Weiyang fell silent, the expression on the Shenxiao Sect’s old Taoist’s face gradually became uncomfortable.
For a brief moment, Chu Weiyang suddenly thought of what Chun Yuzhi had said earlier.
Anyway, it’s Danxia’s mother who will take the blame for the big trouble!
As soon as he thought of this, he gritted his teeth and stamped his feet. Before the expression of the old master of Shenxiao Sect could change again, Chu Weiyang immediately spoke.
“Maybe I know something about this.”
/After hearing this, the cold and sharp light in the eyes of the Shenxiao Sect master gradually faded away a little.
He seemed to raise his eyebrows happily and looked at Chu Weiyang with surprise and expectation.
“Oh? Little friend, you really know? But it doesn’t matter! But it doesn’t matter!”
After hearing this, Chu Weiyang did not immediately respond. He lowered his head, seemingly deep in thought, and at the same time, a faint laughter could be heard looming from under his hat.
/It seemed as if with the shaking of the heavy curtain, one could already see the sly smile that Wu Du Taoist had to put on his cold and solemn face.
It seemed like he was pondering for a while, but in fact it was only for a few breaths that Chu Weiyang’s unhurried hoarse voice finally sounded.
“Dare you dare to teach your seniors that the broad outlines mentioned by my juniors are actually just the details that I can think about. With our weak cultivation and weak vision, we actually don’t know what the situation is like in your eyes, seniors.” The changes are just for reference. Don’t dare to delay your big things because of the junior’s nonsense.
Back to the topic, the junior was chatting with the man and heard him casually say a few words. He came to the open sea to find his uncle or some other elder. He said that the man was going to the Bai Snake Islands. , but it turned out that he returned after not seeing him for a long time. Oh, at that time, the junior also asked, it seemed that he was fighting with someone for a certain skill. What was it called?
“Heart-Eating Curse”? I can’t remember clearly whether it was a call for orders or something. ”
This statement is exactly based on the causal relationship that Chun Yuzhi had guessed earlier.
Although at this time, Chu Weiyang still didn’t believe this statement, but now that he was being questioned by the master of the Shenxiao Sect, he realized that it was a statement, so he followed this line of thinking and told him half truth and half falsehood. The old master of Shenxiao Sect listened.
But when he finished speaking, Chu Weiyang saw clearly that the old master of the Shenxiao Sect who was standing in fr