eered and said: “At Taiyimen, you and I faced each other for so long that Xu Ying escaped and I was punished by the eldest master. Junior Brother Changsun, there is grudge between you and me, and we have to resolve it! Junior Brother Lu?”

Lu Yiren was a little hesitant and said: “Junior Brother Changsun is right. Since you can understand the secret of disaster without killing others, why do you have to kill him? Besides, I think he is very strong.”
Li Xiao got angry: “Don’t forget, you want to join forces with me, not me!”
Lu Yiren had no choice but to take out his spear, and the two of them, one on the left and the other on the right, attacked Changsun Shenghai!
But the next moment, the long ax in Li Xiao’s hand was bent and bent. The woman vomited blood and fainted!
Lu Yiren’s tiger’s mouth exploded, he couldn’t hold the spear, he immediately flew away and disappeared without a trace!
Changsun Shenghai struck out from a distance, but saw the sky explode with millions of stars, his palm cut into the void, and went straight towards Lu Yiren.
Lu Yiren had no choice but to receive the palm forcefully. He was shocked and fell out of the void. His own path was damaged, so he had no choice but to concentrate on healing.
Changsun Shenghai did not kill him and allowed the two of them to heal.
The Zhaojie calamity was divided into three parts and became much richer than before.
/Changsun Shenghai did not go to find the other three people. At this moment, he suddenly felt that his fate was being divided again.
His heart moved slightly, and he followed the destiny. Not long after, he saw the waste Qingxuan and Shengzun. These two people understood the way of destiny.
“Since the two of them have understood the fate of disaster, they are destined to this avenue.”
Changsun Shenghai did not seriously injure the two of them, but followed another path of disaster.
He walked through the starry sky and came to Zhongji Heaven, where he saw the promise of sitting under the Fengya Tower of Heaven and Earth, comprehending the fate of the disaster.
Xu Ying woke up at the right time and met his eyes.
/Changsun Shenghai raised his eyebrows, walked towards Xu Ying, and said, “Uncle Xu, have you noticed that the fewer people who share the destiny, the faster the practice of the path of destiny will be? I discovered this just now when I seriously injured three people.”
Xu Ying was surprised and said: “Why did Shenghai do this? If you understand the Great Path of Tribulation, you can also understand its essence and practice step by step. Why should you take away other people’s opportunities?”
Changsun Shenghai smiled and said: “They came to challenge me and were defeated by me.”
Xu Ying smiled and said, “That’s it. Then I said, Senior Brother Shenghai is not that kind of stingy person.”
Changsun Shenghai smiled and said: “Have you found the secrets of reincarnation, Wuji, chaos, Hongmeng and other avenues?”
Xu Ying said: “I have obtained the secrets of reincarnation, Wuji, killing, Taiyi, and cause and effect. Although Chaos a