Hong Daojun laughed loudly, looked around, and said leisurely: “Today I want you to know how big the chasm-like gap between the eighth level of the Tao Realm and the ninth level of the Tao Realm is!”

His aura exploded, and immediately mouthfuls of immortal treasures flew in all directions!
Xu Ying soared into the air, hugging his own Taiyi Wandao Cauldron, and was about to land on the ground. Suddenly Hong Daojun struck out with his palm, hitting the Wandao Cauldron in the middle, shocking Xu Ying behind the cauldron until he vomited blood.
At the same time, Zhuo Daochun and others each caught their own magic weapons and were shocked to the point of being damaged!
Mr. Hong Dao roared loudly, his magic power exploded, and he swatted at Xu Ying. At this moment, a chaos lotus appeared in front of Xu Ying. Under the flower was a chaos lotus pond, and in the center of the flower floated a bright and crystal flood source.
“Please Lord Lian take action!”
Xu Ying bowed and poured all his magic power into the Chaos Lotus. The closest ones to him were Wei Yi and Shi Yuting. Seeing this situation, they also followed suit and bowed down!
“Please Lord Lian take action!”
As soon as the three people bowed down, they saw the Chaos Lotus rising up to meet Lord Hong Dao. The power of the Chaos Lotus Pond exploded, like a terrifying power erupting from a small universe!
Xu Ying, Wei Yi and others were shocked and gritted their teeth and insisted: “Hong Daojun will definitely not be able to stop him this time!”
Hong Daojun was covered in blood. He held the Chaos Lotus with one hand and remained standing!
Behind him, darkness flows, and the caves and abyss become brighter and brighter, and they begin to harvest other universes to practice the avenue of cause and effect to block the Chaos Lotus!
“What other methods do you have?” Hong Daojun said with a serious expression.
“The Avenue of Cause and Effect, is it so strong?”
Xu Ying, Wei Yi, Nangong Hao and others couldn’t help but despair. They were the proud sons of heaven, and their cultivation was far superior to that of their peers. During this trip to Tianjing Ruins, they had so many opportunities that they could not usually encounter.
Their cultivation strength has improved rapidly these days, which makes their confidence also expand. They think that if the five of them join forces to deal with Hong Daojun, they will definitely be able to catch him.
However, the five of them attacked at the same time, sacrificing so many immortal treasures at the same time, and they didn’t even hurt a hair on Mr. Hong Dao!
Xu Ying sacrificed to Hong Yuan and joined forces with Wei Yi and Shi Yuting. Hong Daojun was still able to block it. This body’s strength was really ridiculously strong!
/Hong Daojun was about to take action and catch them all. Just as he took a step, his face suddenly changed slightly and he coughed violently.
With this cough, I felt that my Dao was damaged and I coughed up Dao blood!
Hong Daojun looked at the Daoxue in his hand and was slightly startle