ve abyss be summoned? Can it be summoned by others? There is something fishy in this!”

He suppressed the uneasiness in his heart, asked the two scouts to stop, and still drove towards the Three Realms.
Yin Yuanzi’s face was uncertain, and he said silently in his heart: “Logically speaking, that Dao Ten existence is dead, but this aura is really strong. Let me take a look. If he is really dead, then it will be my way. I want to take away his body and the abyss, destroy this universe, destroy the body and destroy all traces. No one will know that the body and the abyss of the Great Dao Master have fallen into my hands. If the Great Dao Master is still alive, I will leave immediately. It’s not too late to escape into the Sea of ??Chaos.”
Not long after, Yin Yuanzi saw the body of the Great Dao Master.
His magic power is extremely powerful, and his eyesight is far stronger than others. Looking at it with all his eyes, he can see ancient ruins floating in the starry sky in the distance, exuding the aura of a different way.
/On the largest piece of ruins, a majestic corpse sat, and the vast abyss floated behind the skeleton’s head.
Looking from a distance, Yin Yuanzi could even see various phenomena in the abyss!
“That stupid dragon doesn’t know how to unleash the power of Tao Master Cave Abyss. If this treasure falls into my hands, one cave abyss will be more than a hundred times better than the cave abyss I plundered!”
Yin Yuanzi stabilized his mind, looked away, and was startled again: “Although there are many of these immortals, they don’t seem to be very strong. They are! They are a group of refugees, not immortals from the three realms of the universe!”
He saw that these ruins of the immortals were small worlds formed by the condensation of the great avenues, which were the dojos used by the immortals to hide.
He was well-informed and knew the reason immediately, and whispered: “These immortals are not immortals from the Three Realms, but a group of refugees, the old, weak, sick and disabled who are escaping from their fate! The Great Dao Master is their leader, He died for some unknown reason. These refugees from the Sea of ??Chaos are here to take over the Three Realms!”
He had also heard about the catastrophe, but he only knew that it was an extremely severe catastrophe that threatened to destroy the universe. Anyone who is contaminated by calamity is often unable to escape the calamity. No matter where he escapes, he will be caught up by the calamity and die.
However, Yin Yuanzi has never seen it.
“If they were in their prime, with so many immortals, I would still be a little afraid, but they are just a group of old, weak, sick and disabled people. When the natives of the three realms encounter these old, weak, sick and disabled people, they will start a war. Haha, these ants”
A conflict broke out between the two sides. Yin Yuanzi personally urged the Cuiyan Tower boat to speed up and sail towards there. He said with a smile, “Those ants from the indigenous people are familiar faces. They plotted a