g stepped out, stepped on the other half of the boat, rushed into the strong wind and waves, and headed straight for Dao Shengzi.

“Dao Shengzi, on the Great Way of Reincarnation, I only learned your Sutra on Proving Reincarnation through Thousands of Kalpas and your magical powers of reincarnation. I am definitely not as good as you!”
Xu Ying still had half of the Jingjie Universe hanging behind his head, as if this half of the Jingjie Universe was hidden in his reincarnation ring, and said with a smile, “So, I will not use the magical power of reincarnation in front of you! Karma.”
He activated the Avenue of Cause and Effect and turned it into a divine bow. Xu Ying stood on the bow of the ship, pulling the string and bending the bow. At the same time, he used the Avenue of Reincarnation to adjust the Avenue of Heaven and Earth in the scenery. Using this half of the scenery as a flood source, raging Taoist power poured into the bow!
The complete avenue of heaven and earth in the flood source on the other side also gushed out, and the power of the Tao blessed his karma and magical powers!
This magical power was a magical power that he created on his own in order to understand the cause and effect of all scenes. However, when the bow string was pulled apart, countless cause and effect lines in the scene converged and turned into bows and arrows!
These lines of cause and effect are clearly the causes and effects caused by Dao Shengzi’s forcible refining of the Great Avenue of Heaven and Earth in the Scenery this time. There are so many in number, more than hundreds of millions?
There are billions of creatures in the scenery alone, plus Daoshengzi refining various stars, mountains and geography, rivers and lakes, and the avenues of heaven and earth, there are too many causes and consequences!
At this moment, the lines of cause and effect converge and turn into arrow feathers, and their power is truly earth-shattering!
“call out!”
Xu Ying let go and the arrow shot out. Even the turbulent sea surface of the chaotic waves was split by the power of the arrow, and the waves split into two sides!
While Dao Shengzi was learning new Dao patterns and changing his own Dao structure, he was driving half a building ship, activating the Dao of Reincarnation, and passing through one halo after another!
Every time he passes through a halo, he enters reincarnation and cuts off the cause and effect of his previous life.
However, in the face of the promised arrow, it was completely ineffective!
The Avenue of Reincarnation and the Avenue of Cause and Effect are originally in a mutually restrained relationship. Generally speaking, Cause and Effect is stronger and more mysterious.
/The Great Way of Reincarnation can cut off cause and effect, but after cultivating to their level, they know that reincarnation is not about cutting off cause and effect, but rather it can be said to blind cause and effect.
/However, the karma between him and Jing Jie was too deep and he could not blind Xu Ying’s karma by traveling through reincarnat