d on the cliff and looked into the distance. He could see a large pit with a radius of about 500 miles!

Is this the calamity that the Qi Refiner will face when he ascends?
Is there really anyone who can withstand such a powerful catastrophe and ascend to the immortal world?
That soaring glow has become an eternal mark on this world.
“Although no one has ascended except that immortal, this is the blessed land of cave heaven after all. The heaven and earth are full of vitality and are suitable for cultivation.”
Xu Ying stood under the sunshine of the four-wheeled sun and mobilized the Taiyi Guidance Skill. Suddenly the sky became extremely bright, and the sun’s energy poured in, forming several acres of Taoist fields in the sky.
He has been communicating with Yuan Weiyang in the past few days, and has made great progress in terms of consciousness, vitality, and soul.
At this moment, when he activated the Taiyi Guiding Gong, he saw Tao seeds falling like rain in the Tao field, flying into his body one after another!
Xu Ying’s black hair was flying and he was as angry as a tiger. Guo Xiaodie was stunned for a while.
“No wonder everyone calls him Demon King Xu! Although he is not as good-looking as Brother Weiyang, he has a charm that Brother Weiyang does not have.”
Her heartbeat quickened, she looked at Xu Ying, then at Yuan Weiyang, and felt that Yuan Weiyang was still more beautiful. But Xu Ying’s wild charm really attracted the opposite sex, making it difficult for her to choose for a while.
Yuan Weiyang stood up and stood side by side with Xu Ying, activating the induction of the heavens of Yuandao. He saw that her body was as crystal clear as jade, and each of her acupoints reflected the three hundred and sixty-five gods of the heavens!
Gods, large and small, sit in the palaces, mansions, and caves formed by acupoints. Although these gods are still hazy and just shadows, the gods guard her, making Yuan Weiyang’s whole body shine with divine light, giving him the air of the king of gods!
Uncle Xiao’s heart was slightly shaken: “Young master took it upon himself to change the Yuan family’s ancestral secrets without authorization, which is treason. But she changed it, she changed it.”
He looked strange. After Yuan Weiyang’s improvement, the current Yuandao Heavenly Sensing is much better than the original one!
Guo Xiaodie looked left and right from time to time, and realized that these two people were really excellent. They were indistinguishable and each had their own strengths. It was hard to make a choice for a moment.
He clapped his palm, and suddenly there was a blue sky and white clouds behind him, and the sky was as clear as a wash. The next moment, there were dark clouds, thunder, and wind and rain!
Xu Ying stood in front of him, the wind in his palm was roaring, and he felt that his mind power was running and reaching his whole body. The strength of his physical body exploded, and wherever his palms touched, he fought against the wind and clouds, forming a vision of wind and rain like