u Ying said: “Taoist Wukong can survive in the world of immortals, so can I. He cultivates a golden body without leakage, and I also cultivate a golden body without leakage. The beatings I receive are no less than him.”

Before the Holy Lord could speak, Xu Ying said coldly: “I am not here to ask for your consent, but to inform you that I have a place on this ship.”
The Holy Lord was so angry that his palms trembled. The only person in the world who was qualified to say this was Xu Ying. All those who practice the new Tao must worship the ancestor before they can be called Tao ancestors.
A few days later, the building ship had turned emerald green and had the ability to enter the gel zone.
Everyone boarded the building boat one after another, and Xu Ying was also waiting to board the boat, waving goodbye to the people who came to see him off.
Yuan Weiyang was also in the crowd, looking at Xu Ying quietly, then suddenly ran over like flying, hugged Xu Ying’s face and kissed her, then ran away.
“She asked me to try the newly bought rouge gouache.” Xu Ying explained to the people on the same boat.
Everyone sneered.
The building boat paused for a moment, then slowly set sail, flying towards the sky, rising higher and higher.
At the Tianhai Ferry, golden ships from the Three Realms were loaded with people from the Earthly Immortal Realm. Along with them were many Qigong Masters and Immortals. There were also tens of thousands of mortals living in their respective caves and abyss, and they began to move toward the Human Realm. migration.
This immigration to the human world has been going on for some time, sending nearly 10% of the population of the immortal world to reclaim wasteland and open up new homes. In the human world, there is still vast land waiting to be developed.
These immigrants from the immortal world will go on a three-month journey. They will travel on the long river of spiritual light and will arrive in the human world after three months.
In the human world, there are disciples from the Shiquan Dao Sect who will help them and settle them down.
/One by one, the golden boats went farther and farther, and suddenly the Lingguang River became turbulent and became extremely unstable, as if there was something huge wandering at the bottom of the river. The boats almost tipped over several times!
At this moment, the Lingguang River gradually rose from the sky and the sea, getting higher and higher, and huge ships floated on the long river.
The ferry suddenly exploded, and bursts of explosions were heard from the bottom. The craftsmen on the ferry fled in all directions, shouting: “The sky and the sea are going to overturn!”
The huge dock gradually rose, and the palaces, warehouses and other buildings tilted one after another. The unfinished golden ships slid out of the dock one after another, making a creaking sound and falling to the sea.
The sea in front also became rough, and suddenly two huge dragon horns looked like mountain peaks, breaking through the sea water and rising slowly from