Lu Bei’s eyes lit up, and a fighting spirit boiled in his chest.
He didn’t feel anything about Qi Xuandu, but he was very interested in Qi Xuandu’s master and the Sutra of Abandonment. The master and the disciple were both masters of swordsmanship, and they also lost to the two masters of Tianjian Sect. Isn’t this a big deal? Nice talk.
He turned his fist forward, shattering the light of the water and moon sword in front of him, shattering the sword lotus with his step, splitting the surrounding void and leaving crisscrossing ravines.
“What a sword!”
The Qi Shang all became more eager to fight. They turned their swords over and split open the vast sea of ??sword light in the sky, sending a torrent and tsunami flooding the location of Lu Bei.
/In an instant, a fist seal came straight towards him, cutting through thorns and waves with an unstoppable edge.
The whole group was unhurried, keeping in mind the lessons learned from their mentor, and faced him with his sword and palms turned forward, amidst the violent storm of sword power, waiting for an opportunity to turn from defense to offense.
Master has said that when faced with the Immortal Sword Intent, it is never a good idea to confront someone head-on.
No matter how mysterious your sword technique is, how profound your sword intention is, or how powerful your Taoist rhyme is, the Immortal Sword Intent always has a trick to defeat you at the first glance.
The only possibility of defeating the Immortal Sword Intent is that the sword wielder cannot attack for a long time and changes his moves to reveal flaws.
That moment is extremely short, but as long as the sword wielder seizes the opportunity, he can turn the tide and win with one blow.
All the troops took the warning seriously, defended instead of attacked, and resorted to
Drag knife technique.
In just a short moment, the swords collided hundreds of times. Lu Bei couldn’t help but frown, and the burning fighting spirit gradually turned cold.
Not interesting.
This heavenly sword is nothing more than that, its reputation is greater than its strength, and it has no aggressive edge at all.
As soon as he stepped forward, the scorching white halo surrounding his body turned into flames, burning mana, he stepped forward and punched out with a cross-arm punch.
The opportunity has come!
Qi Shang’s eyes were gleaming with light, and his swords were raised.
The bright moon hangs high, and the ambition is high in the sky.
The bright sword light spread across thousands of feet, and then
What’s going on? Is this the Immortal Sword Intent?
Why is it different from what Master said?
Before the sword light fell, Qi Shangdu was half a beat too slow and lost facial awareness and flew out.
He kept his teacher’s teachings in mind and grasped it, but not grasped it.
Lu Bei drank two sips of fresh milk, and his speed was even more exaggerated. When his fighting spirit cooled down, he drew his sword just for experience. He flicked his arm and accelerated to add a punch.
In just one moment, another