eng Wenjin pushed away her daughter who was hugging her tightly. She looked at her daughter’s face and frowned quickly. : “Why have you become so thin?”

eng Wenjin pushed away her daughter who was hugging her tightly. She looked at her daughter’s face and frowned quickly. : “Why have you become so thin?”
Her mother’s words immediately made Liang Ya lower her head and become silent, thinking about the fear, various grievances, and being forced to break up with Wang Bo in the past two months, Liang Ya’s eyes It started to get wet.
Cheng Wenjin already knew the whole story from Wang Bo, and suddenly understood the reason for her daughter’s strange expression. She just came home today. She didn’t want the atmosphere at home to become miserable, so she said with a smile: “Let’s go, Xiaoya, look at the two sets of clothes mom bought for you in Hong Kong. They are very beautiful.
” In the bedroom, there were various gifts that Cheng Wenjin brought to his family from Hong Kong, and bursts of crisp laughter came out from time to time. Soon, Liang Jingquan’s angry shout came from the kitchen: “Wenjin, Xiaoya, it’s time to eat.” ”
Okay, Jingquan, come here.” Cheng Wenjin responded.
For a time, the whole family was filled with a strong atmosphere of fatherly kindness, virtuous wife, filial daughter, harmony and warmth.
At least that’s how it looks on the surface.
/“Wen Jin, this is your favorite pickled fish, try it! In order to make this dish, I asked several housewives of my colleagues for advice!” Not long after he sat down, Liang Jingquan diligently picked up a piece of tender fish. Put the fish fillets into Cheng Wenjin’s bowl.
Cheng Wenjin had already eaten a lot in Guanghan. Facing her attentive husband, she felt even more guilty, and at the same time, her resentment towards a certain boy named Wang also deepened.
“Then I’ll try your cooking skills and you can’t pass it. Well, it’s good. It’s 80/90% of the heat of authentic pickled fish.” Cheng Wenjin picked up the fish fillet with chopsticks and put it into his mouth, chewing it slowly and saying. What he said made Liang Jingquan happy.
The family enjoyed a sumptuous lunch happily, but not long after, Cheng Wenjin discovered the problem.
His daughter, Liang Ya, treated him as well as Cheng Huan did, being well-behaved and sensible, helping her serve food, chatting with her with interest, and asking her about anecdotes she had seen during her stay in Hong Kong.
However, once her father said something to her, the smile on her daughter’s face disappeared, and even if there was, it was some kind of forced smile. The daughter responds to everything her father says, but she doesn’t deliberately argue or sing the opposite like she did before.
Moreover, since returning home, she has never seen her daughter say anything to Liang Jingquan on her own initiative. Even if Liang Jingquan says something to her, her answer becomes a simple “Oh”, “Okay”, “I know” , Dad”, “I will do as you say.”
If Liang Ya was like a lovable elf with her own opinions in the past, now, in front of her father, she has become an out-and-out robot who simply accepts orders.
After finally getting through the feast, which was extre