Zhen, said in surprise.

Zhen, said in surprise.
But Dong Zhen didn’t say anything. She just pulled him back and walked until he reached the stairs, where the two of them were standing. Dong Zhen stood in front of Wang Bo, biting her lip, and looked at Wang Bo intently, as if she was making up her mind. After a few seconds, she looked away from him and said quietly:
/“Bo’er, I, I have never done this kind of thing. If you do something wrong later, you, you are not allowed to blame me.” After saying that, Wang Bo heard Dong Zhen’s vigorous shout in front of him. I took a breath, and then slowly squatted down (this chapter, the complete version is 6300 words, more than a thousand words were deleted in order not to be criticized. Old driver, I understand) I would like to express my solemn thanks to
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On Sunday morning, Wang Bo and Cheng Wenjin received the guests from Yao Junjun, the editor of “Science Fiction World” came here specially from Chengdu. The two parties signed a contract for the first serialization of Wang Bo’s new work “The Wandering Earth” in “Science Fiction World”.
The contract stipulates that the first serialization rights of “The Wandering Earth” are “Science Fiction World”. One month after Science Fiction World serialized “The Wandering Earth”, other magazines can reprint it. “Science Fiction World” has and only has the first serialization rights of “The Wandering Earth”. Other reprint rights, collective publishing rights and other copyrights are owned by Wang Zi’an.
In addition, “Science Fiction World” has raised the royalties for Wang Bo’s new works to the highest level, which is on the same level as Wang Jinkang, the current pillar of “Science Fiction World”, which is 200 yuan/thousand words!
“Two hundred words for one thousand words, two thousand words for ten thousand words. For “The Wandering Earth,” I will probably write more than thirty thousand words, which is only six to seven thousand yuan. But for an author to conceive a masterpiece like “The Wandering Earth,” it takes more than one or two words. It can be done in a few months. It seems that the manuscript fee paid by the magazine alone, no matter how high it is, is extremely limited. If you want to make a fortune, you still have to take the traditional publishing route.” When signing the contract , Wang Bo was thinking about it, and he was glad that he w