s come in and out anytime and anywhere. The museum is completely two worlds.

s come in and out anytime and anywhere. The museum is completely two worlds.
Of course, it is also possible that he and Liao Xiaoqing came at the wrong time. After all, at such a precious time as ninety o’clock in the morning, ordinary people rarely run to the library.
/However, the large number of people and the small number of people have no impact on Wang Bo. He came here just to check some information and do some preparation work before “learning from”.
Under the personal leadership of Liao Xiaoqing, after roughly understanding the structure of the entire library, Wang Bo began to assign tasks, asking Liao Xiaoqing to first find “Science Fiction World” for him, while he himself went to the reading room next door to look for astronomy. and writings on cutting-edge physics.
To be more specific, popular science works.
/There is no doubt that among all subjects, Wang Bo’s favorite is physics. Not only did he learn physics well, he also paid attention to many cutting-edge sciences and theories in physics after graduation. In his previous life, he had watched all documentaries about physics and astronomy, such as “The Miracle of the Solar System”, “The Miracle of the Universe”, “Travel to the Edge of the Universe”, “Stephen Hawking Sees the Universe”, “Parallel Universe” on the Universe The vastness, the wonderful transformation of matter and energy, and a few insignificant basic particles, with a little combination, can evolve into endless thousands of worlds and even miraculous life worlds. It is both shocking and difficult to understand. Looking up at the stars, I am often intoxicated by the infinity and vastness of the universe. Even if human beings are destroyed and the solar system disappears, to the entire universe, it is nothing but an insignificant drop in the ocean. It will still have to follow its own will and rules. Continue to evolve and move forward until eternity that no one can understand
. Every time he thinks about it, Wang Bo feels like an ant, as small and insignificant as a bug, and the fragility and humbleness of life. He did not believe in any religion, but in front of the vast starry sky above his head, Wang Bo often felt religious emotions. His outlook on life, world view, outlook on life, views and opinions on himself, society, country, and even all mankind have been fundamentally changed due to his increasing understanding of the universe.
However, although Wang Bo was also a relatively senior cosmic fan and physics enthusiast in his previous life, he had a certain degree of understanding of many cutting-edge sciences of physics and its future related applications. He had watched various documentaries and hard science fiction from all over the world. It can be said that he has a lot of knowledge, and “The Three-Body Problem” by “Liu Diangong” made him fascinated. He read it several times as if he had found a treasure. Whenever someone mentioned a term related to physics and astronomy, he could immediately know it. The concept and connotation of this term are not confused. However, W