only been in the hands of the Black Tower for more than ten hours, and it was sent to the Fire Demon Fortress before it even warmed up.

only been in the hands of the Black Tower for more than ten hours, and it was sent to the Fire Demon Fortress before it even warmed up.
And today is the day agreed to return the totem.
“Haha, how could it be?” Lin Yun naturally knew what Weiss was thinking, but he didn’t care much. Although the totem was at the peak level of a true spirit, it had no value to a human mage. He didn’t even have the slightest interest in it. None. I borrowed it from the Black Tower when I needed the protective power to attack the Dragon Raising Array.
/“Excuse me, do you need to use it for a while longer?” Weiss stood there, looking a little embarrassed. For a moment, he didn’t know how to speak.
If you ask for something from the young mage as soon as you open your mouth, although the other party won’t show anything, he will definitely be dissatisfied with you in his heart. After thinking about it, you can only express it more tactfully.
I hope the young mage will never say “need”, otherwise he can I really can’t explain it to Lord Heron.
“Haha, what are you talking about? How can I have the nerve to continue using it?” Lin Yun touched his nose and showed a wry smile to Weiss. What he can be sure of now is that the Black Tower is here. In a short period of time, no abnormalities in the totem will be discovered at all. He read the information in the empty and decaying library. It is said that after the Black Tower obtained the totem, it summoned all members of the council and began to study the totem intensively. After more than two months, it was finally discovered that human mages could not use the totem. .
In the eyes of the Black Tower, the current totem is definitely a genuine peak-level true spirit magic weapon, equivalent to the combat power of a peak-level titled magician.
Being able to keep the totem in his hands for half a month, Heron of the Black Tower was already quite generous.
“Okay then.” Weiss, who was waiting anxiously for the young mage’s reply, finally breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the young mage’s words. But at this moment, with his keen insight as a sixth-level titled mage, he suddenly felt , there seemed to be an unfriendly gaze staring closely at him.
/“Do you know how serious the consequences will be if you interrupt my negotiation with Marfa Merlin?” Mark Watson pointed at Weiss with a gloomy face, his whole face was completely distorted by the excessive atmosphere, making him look particularly ferocious.
“Sir Weiss, I didn’t know it was you. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” At this time, Mark Watson finally plucked up the courage, turned around, and kept apologizing to Weiss. , he kept his head down the whole time, not daring to look up at Weiss.
However, before he could finish his apology, he was interrupted by Weiss raising his hand.
“Shut up!”
“Sir Weiss, I was wrong, I know I was wrong, please accept my apology.”
Hearing Weiss’s angry voice, Mark Watson was startled, and he realized that he He really got into big trouble. This is no joke. Although he only said a few words j

ignored him. I don’t know how dangerous this situation is.

ignored him. I don’t know how dangerous this situation is.
“Damn it, I must have been cursed with bad luck to meet you. Two soul magic crystals, even one missing!”
Mr. Sean cried sadly, and the newly restored eye of doom on his forehead also opened, and a thick The ray hit the Dark Warrior from the Eye of Doom, and was pushed to the limit by Master Sean. Countless negative spells that were strengthened to the extreme fell on the Dark Warrior.
The momentum of the Dark Warrior declined sharply.
The Eye of Doom closed again. Lord Xiaon lay on the ground like a dead dog, and did not return to the True Spirit Magic Weapon. He was completely desperate. If Lin Yun couldn’t kill this dark warrior, he would be dead. Here On the damn ghost ship, there is no chance to even fall asleep.
A group of people blocked him like crazy, and finally stopped the Dark Warrior temporarily.
Here, Lin Yun’s forehead also began to sweat. The mark of Bells had never been summoned from the beginning. Lin Yun also knew that it would be impossible for him to summon it. Now, what he needed was not to summon the complete When Bells comes out, even if he summons just one hand, it’s enough to turn the tide of the battle.
Who is Bells? He was a heaven-level person in life. After death, just his body can turn into a peak thirty-nine undead. If Bells hadn’t been tricked, this guy would have been resurrected and become a real heavenly being. The strong one.
Apart from these two, the only thing left in hand is the Book of Death. Unfortunately, the Book of Death meets the requirements, but it is too satisfying. The Book of Death is too powerful and has exceeded the limit of Lin Yun’s ability.
If the core meditation rules cannot be integrated into the Book of Death, then the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, which is as famous as the Book of Death, is the best choice. Especially if you know the clues to the location of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, the third core The rules of meditation, no need to think about it, must be the Book of Mantras.
/Now the only thing left is the Book of Ten Thousand Curses. As long as you get the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, you can immediately integrate the three core meditation rules. After completion, it is almost expected that the level will increase rapidly by then. There is even a high possibility that you can Directly impacting the Titled Mage!
But now, because of the lack of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, Lin Yun had to be careful to suppress it almost all the time, so as not to accidentally break through.
Originally, it was the best choice to integrate the core meditation rules when you were a fifth-level wizard. Now that you are a sixth-level wizard, it will be more difficult. If you reach the ninth-level wizard, you still want to integrate the core meditation rules. Sanjou
, that’s not much easier than killing a heaven-level monster.
Suddenly aware of this information, Lin Yun couldn’t calm down.
After thinking about it carefully, I still feel that this possibility is unlikely.
Why did the

say something, but the second elder glared at him and stopped him.

say something, but the second elder glared at him and stopped him.
After a long while, the second elder spoke slowly.
“A hundred years ago, it was an ordinary night. No one knew how it happened suddenly. The incarnation of the magic weapon of the fate crystal suddenly broke free from the shackles of the fate crystal and turned into a stream of light and flew away. It
was so peaceful For many years, no one expected this. In just a few seconds, the incarnation of the magic weapon disappeared. No one knew where it went.
From then on, the life mark crystal became dim and dull. It can no longer be used, and changes slowly began to occur in the tribe. Doom began to envelope the entire tribe. The number of infant deaths in the tribe began to increase. There were even many dark elves who were no longer able to have children. Newborns Many young children are also suffering from strange diseases.
The number of domesticated monsters in the tribe is getting smaller and smaller, and the fruit trees planted are also experiencing reduced yields or being destroyed by natural disasters from time to time. All natural and man-made disasters seem to be increasing. It has been a hundred years since the incarnation of the magic weapon disappeared, and no one has grown up healthily. Even the children who have spoken in the past hundred years are not very talented.
Even in these years. , adult dark elves have also begun to have various problems, and the number of accidental deaths has also increased. In the past hundred years, the number of dark elves has not increased, but has decreased.”
“And bad luck It seems to be getting more and more serious. The first elder speculated that in another twenty years, it will cause an irreparable disaster.”
The second elder said this with a sad face, and the faces of the other elders were not very good-looking either. .
/According to the current development rate, in twenty years, the entire dark elves will no longer be able to reproduce, and only a few adult dark elves will remain. These will be the last dark elves. After they die, the dark elves will The elves were completely wiped out.
Lin Yun listened to the second elder’s words and nodded secretly.
Sure enough, I guessed right!
In the future, there is a titled mage named Kuris Quinn. He once entered the plane of raging flames. After leaving the plane of raging flames, he suddenly had a strange true spirit magic weapon in his hand. .
At that time, Kuris was just an ordinary mage with no background. Unfortunately, he didn’t even have a true magic weapon. When he entered the Raging Flame Plane, he was just a fifth-level titled mage with the most powerful weapon in his hand. The magic weapon is just a not very powerful psychic magic weapon staff.
Without a background, there are no resources. Along the way, there are bumps and bumps, and by the time he reaches the fifth level of a titled mage, even if his talent is not bad, he has reached the end, and there is no way to compete for any resources he needs.
No matter what relics

lot of power was lost. I don’t know how long it will take to replenish it. If no one saves it, it may even be completely torn apart by those demon phantoms.

lot of power was lost. I don’t know how long it will take to replenish it. If no one saves it, it may even be completely torn apart by those demon phantoms.
/Lin Yun calmly shouted, “Be careful, everyone, it’s demon possession. It comes from The power in the blood of the guards can be summoned to surround people and cut off the magical connection with the outside world. No spells can be cast. Even if the power is exhausted, even the soul will be torn to pieces.”
Everyone was in a panic. He dodged on the ground and used a lot of fire spells to burn the phantoms of the useless devil heads.
At this time, the Destruction Guards with lava flowing all over his body had already rushed more than fifty meters in front of everyone.
As the guard of destruction waved the double-headed giant spear again, the dark green light once again lit up on the double-headed giant spear, and a thick dark green light pillar rushed straight towards him.
Everyone was forced to interrupt the spellcasting and began to dodge before the light pillar appeared.
The thick beam of light arrived in an instant, cutting a terrifying wound that stretched for more than thirty meters on the ground. The ground continued to explode, as if there were a large number of explosives buried under the ground.
Countless gravels flew away like powerful arrows, and large ripples were stirred up on Lin Yun’s rune shield. You must know the defensive power of the rune shield, but according to the rune shield, It is calculated based on the number of articles.
The greater the number of runes, the stronger the defense strength of the rune shield, and Lin Yun’s accumulation of runes even exceeds that of most titled wizards, but now just these broken stones can be used in the rune shield. Ripples arose on the Wen shield.
You know, the rune shield is almost the most popular defensive method for all mages. It has the fastest casting speed, but after the rune shield is broken, it is impossible to cast it again in a short time.
Failure to use rune shield means giving up the most powerful defense, which may result in exposing oneself to the most dangerous environment.
/After another impact, the Destruction Guards began to summon meteorite rain again. A large number of meteorite rain fell, and everyone could only dodge in panic.
Reina gritted her teeth, opened her mouth to recite dragon language, and prepared to cast a powerful spell to interrupt the Guard of Destruction’s spellcasting. However, who knew that the Guard of Destruction would interrupt the guidance on his own, and a rune would light up on his double-headed giant spear. In an instant, countless runes appeared above Reina’s head.
Then all the runes were combined into a new rune, which ignored Reina’s defensive spell and was instantly printed on Reina’s forehead.
Suddenly, Reina screamed and fell from the sky. Lin Yun quickly cast a feather falling technique on Reina, but the power of the element collapsed as soon as it came into contact with Reina’s body.
Enderfa also cast several spells to sl

en if he is stronger than the average Auckland mage, so what. The Caucasian battle mage is the strongest. All the mages in Auckland are. Fragile broiler.

en if he is stronger than the average Auckland mage, so what. The Caucasian battle mage is the strongest. All the mages in Auckland are. Fragile broiler.
Daryl’s body arched slightly. The top of the lightning spear had gathered dazzling lightning. The powerful piercing ability of the lightning spear had been activated. Now it was the last step to tear open the opponent’s defense and let the lightning spear Penetrate your opponent’s heart.
, and the ground where Daryl was standing collapsed instantly. The ground was covered with dense cracks in a radius of tens of meters, and pieces of gravel slowly floated up from the ground. Daryl Standing in the middle of this broken earth, thick cracks spread from his feet to the surroundings.
The air was distorted, and gravity changed due to the powerful breath. After the pieces of gravel floated into the air, they exploded one after another and turned into large amounts of dust.
Suddenly, tens of meters of fragmented ground suddenly exploded. The dust in the sky turned into smoke pillars and shot straight into the sky. The terrifying aura turned into a shock wave and swept across hundreds of meters.
And taking advantage of this moment when his line of sight was completely blocked, Daryl’s body had disappeared in place. Lin Yun’s face was expressionless, and he moved his steps slightly. The flames under his feet were like ocean waves, dragging Lin Yun to move in an instant. A distance of more than ten meters.
Faces of dark red flame shields appeared around Lin Yun in an instant, and at the same time, a huge roulette shadow appeared behind him. It seemed that there were infinite runes gathered together, and it was like infinite circles one inside another. On the huge wheel formed, a large number of runes spurted out, forming a flame rune that seemed to be burning with red flames.
A large number of runes spurted out and penetrated into the dozens of flame shields around the body. In an instant, the flame shields burning with crimson flames suddenly underwent earth-shaking changes.
/The shape of the flame shield has changed. From the original round shield, it has turned into a curved tower shield. In the center of the shield, a golden-red rune appears, and golden-red flames emerge from this The runes continued to spray out, instantly turning the flame shields into golden red.
Flame shield!
The golden-red flames form the most steadfast guardian of the mage. The flame shield has a strong defense against spells, but it does not have a very good defense against the swordsman’s sword, while the frost shield is very effective against the swordsman’s sword. It has good defense, but it doesn’t have very good resistance to spells, especially fire spells.
/The flame shield allows the golden-red flames to form a physical flame shield, which not only greatly enhances the resistance to spells, but also has strong resistance to various physical attacks comparable to a seventh-level spell shield.
The flames under his feet supported Lin Yun’s body, moving quickly to the

Pearl, the type of spiritual method he needs is difficult and powerful. It is easy to accumulate in the middle and reach a bottleneck.

Pearl, the type of spiritual method he needs is difficult and powerful. It is easy to accumulate in the middle and reach a bottleneck.
“Star Sea Spiritual Technique: One of the ancient spiritual techniques integrated by the ancient literature research. There are ten levels in total. The spiritual power of each level increases greatly, but it is difficult to break through.
“This is it! “Based on the idea that the harder the breakthrough is, the more powerful it will be, Wei He decisively determined that it was this Xinghai Spiritual Technique.
In fact, these spiritual techniques cannot be practiced forever, and they all need to be replaced later.
But Wei Heyi saw this Xinghai Spiritual Technique. , he instinctively thought of
the miracle that his own secret skill, Jing Hong Jue, had given him back then .
Now that he saw this spiritual method similar to Jing Hong Jue, he was naturally quite powerful . Good impression.
Wei He reached out and clicked on the light screen to buy.
‘Are you sure you want to buy the first level of Xinghai Spiritual Art?’
“Yes.” “Wei He clicked to confirm.
Suddenly, the light curtain in front of him suddenly turned into a colorful vortex. After spinning several times, it condensed into a new piece of content.
It was the first layer of the Xinghai Spiritual Method. The content
of this spiritual method The content is not much, there is only a little text, the key is the visualization pictures.
The first layer of visualization pictures is a brilliant colorful starry sky,
in which red, blue, and green stars are scattered like gravel. In the
dark night, Wei He looked at the starry sky and seemed to see a pair of huge eyes.
But when he looked carefully, there was nothing there. He
glanced at the star map
below. , when you can completely simulate the star map in your mind, you can break through to the next level. ‘
first level of additional spiritual skills: active thinking, concentration, and pollution resistance’
are quite simple. Techniques are mainly used for research purposes.
Active thinking can strengthen your thinking in a short period of time, making your thinking clearer, more flexible, and easier to inspire.
Focus is to help yourself concentrate when you are tired or the environment has a strong impact and you are easily distracted.
Pollution resistance is to improve one’s resistance to pollution.
“I don’t have any practical spiritual skills, but it doesn’t matter.”
/Wei He tried to visualize and simulate the star map in front of him.
But it’s a pity.
The star map is at least composed of more than thousands of stars in different positions and colors, arranged and combined.
It’s not that easy to visualize at all.
Wei He tried several times, but he could only simulate a corner shape, which was less than one-tenth of the number of stars.
He gave up for the time being.
At the bottom of the light screen, at the bottom of the star map, there is a forum button.
Wei He tried to click in.
The light curtain sudden

study room full of Netherworld iron ore and magic gems, and was really speechless for a moment. coming.

study room full of Netherworld iron ore and magic gems, and was really speechless for a moment. coming.
I originally thought that the gains I had made previously were amazing enough.
Unexpectedly, the most amazing thing was actually inside a ring.
If this study room is full of ghost iron ore and magic gems, if it appears on the market, it will most likely be a fortune of tens of millions of gold coins. Moreover, it is only sold as materials. If gold-plated roses are added, processing, then this number will probably double again!
Lin Yun rubbed his hot face and called a servant in from outside: “Go and tell Uncle Pawei to send me a few, no, a dozen or so carriages!”
This whole bunch of surprises came about. The netherworld iron ore and magic gems immediately set the Gilded Rose’s alchemy workshop into crazy operation. After Farrow forced back the great alchemist Hawking that day, he had completely established his prestige in the Gilded Rose. Coupled with House’s The traitor fanned the flames, and within a few days, Farrow had subdued the dozens of alchemists sent by Basolo.
Under Farrow’s supervision, these netherworld iron ores and magic gems were quickly turned into pieces of alchemical items, which appeared in the alchemy market of Thousand Sails City. For a while, many alchemist merchants shouted “Wolf” again. “Exclaimed.
It can really be said that today’s Gilded Rose requires technology, talent, and resources. In just ten days, Old Butler expanded four times in a row, and the number of Gilded Roses increased from one to thirteen, almost all over the country. Every corner of Qianfan City.
Recently, Lin Yun has rarely appeared in the Gilded Rose. Most of the time, Lin Yun takes care of the obsidian flower at home. There is no way, the poison of the obsidian flower is too strong, and it is impossible for ordinary servants to get close to it. , in the family, only Lin Yun, the great mage, could rely on magic power to protect him and barely get closer to this obsidian flower.
It was the same today. After Lin Yun took care of the Obsidian Flower, he read in the study for a while. He was about to go to the Gilded Rose to ask if the caravan heading to Sharp Blade Canyon was ready. There was a sudden knock on the door.
Lin Yun glanced at the study door strangely: “Come in”
/“Master, Master”
“Uncle Pawei?” Lin Yun was suddenly surprised. To be honest, what happened just now The knock on the door came unexpectedly. Lin Yun thought it was Remy, Farrow, or even Raymond from Auckland, but Lin Yun really never thought it would be the always steady old butler!
“Master, there is a guest outside. He” the old butler said with a strange look on his face suddenly: “He said he is your cousin!”
“No, my generous and kind Don Fario Uncle, don’t you have only one daughter? Is it an illegitimate child?”
“No, no, not Fario’s son. He said he is the son of your real uncle!”
“What?” Lin Yun almost choked on his saliva. Since when did my cousin know what was real and what was fa

asked Mr. Weiss to help you escape. I tell you, don’t even think about escaping so easily.

asked Mr. Weiss to help you escape. I tell you, don’t even think about escaping so easily.
Kansi Charlotte walked away angrily
/. At night, Lin Yun took Shiban, Reina, and Andefa quietly to leave the Storm Fortress and came to the entrance of the Poison Mist Valley.
Looking at the quiet movement, it seems to be blocked by an invisible barrier in the poisonous mist valley. Just one step away, there are two completely different environments.
Holding up the shield, Lin Yun took the lead into the Poison Mist Valley, followed by Shibang and Reina.
Stepping into the poisonous mist valley, he didn’t feel anything obstructing him. Lin Yun frowned slightly. This was obviously abnormal. Even if the poisonous mist in western Zhejiang did not drift out, it would not be completely destroyed just one step away. No more poisonous fog.
There is obviously something or a special environment that has turned this Poisonous Fog Valley into a small independent world. Looking around, it is surrounded by black fog, but it looks completely different from the outside.
Standing outside the Poison Mist Valley, you can’t see anything inside at all, but after entering, the black mist seems to become much more transparent, and you can see at least hundreds of meters away.
The valley was desolate, silent and without any life. There were only some sparse withered grass growing in it, and there were only stones left.
After walking a certain distance into the valley, he still found nothing of value, but Lin Yun’s face looked a little ugly.
/The further he went in, the more powerful and poisonous the poisonous mist became. Once here, he could barely resist, but through the shield, he could clearly sense that the poisonous mist was accompanied by a group of bloodthirsty people. Like ants, they crazily penetrated into the inside of his shield, and the power of magic could only barely resist it.
After taking a look at Off-duty, I saw that my skin had become like a red-hot prawn, and my body was constantly steaming. This was to resist these terrible poisons.
With off-duty’s incredible physical strength, he was a little unable to resist, which shocked Lin Yun.
Looking at Reina next to her, some faint black threads have appeared on her skin, which is a sign that it has been eroded by the poison.
“Let’s go! Get out of here first!”
Lin Yun made a decisive decision and immediately ordered to return. As a frost dragon, Rena had just broken through to level 39 some time ago. She was still unable to resist this kind of poison. She was eroded by the poisonous mist. Thinking about walking inside, if it takes longer, they may not be able to resist.
Everyone quickly exited the Poison Mist Valley. When they left the Poison Mist Valley, they still encountered no obstacles, as if this was just an ordinary valley.
After exiting Poison Mist Valley, Lin Yun’s brows knitted together, and he quickly took out a bottle of antidote potion and handed it to Reina. After Leina took the potion, the tiny black line on her arm seemed to come to life, s

who was still retching, with a look on his face. serious.

who was still retching, with a look on his face. serious.
“Constantine, this time your life was saved by Mr. Marfa. Not only did Mr. Marfa save you from that damn place, but he also detoxified you. Especially you, Constantine, just now If it weren’t for Your Excellency Mafa’s quick reaction, you would be a corpse now. Thank you immediately to Your Excellency Mafa!”
The other four sword masters honestly followed the ancient etiquette and bowed to Lin Yun, thanking Lin Yun for his life-saving grace. , and Constantine, with a pale face and a troubled expression, was carried by Lebo and saluted together.
Constantine’s expression kept changing, and he looked weak and aggrieved.
/This guy definitely did it on purpose. Yes, he must have deliberately wanted to humiliate me. Why can everyone else do it, but I can’t? Those disgusting poisonous insects were definitely raised by this disgusting guy. He must be the one who controls those disgusting insects. Bugs don’t absorb all the toxins in my body.
/Then I waited for my poison explosion method and asked me to swallow that bottle of disgusting poisonous insects. Oh my God, I can’t do it anymore.
Constantine looked confused and concluded that Lin Yun used this method deliberately to humiliate him. This is revenge, naked revenge.
But when he thought of those poisonous insects, Constantine couldn’t help but flash the scene of poisonous insects pouring into his mouth, and the slippery and jumping thing went down his throat and entered his stomach.
Thinking of this scene, Constantine couldn’t help but started retching.
Lin Yun didn’t know that Constantine would think of these places. Now his mind is full of thoughts about those poisonous dragon parasites, which are even more powerful than the demons under his command boasted at the time. There are so many complex toxins, even when the toxins have fully exploded, they can completely swallow up the toxins in a few seconds.
Now this is just a larvae. If it transforms into an adult, how powerful will it be?
You must know that those poisons just now almost poisoned these direct successors of Hidden Mountain Monastery. These guys are all ninth-level sword masters, and most of them have reached the peak of ninth-level sword masters. Their vitality is more than that of ordinary heaven-level sword masters. Be exuberant.
Just like that, he was almost poisoned to death. If he were an ordinary ninth-level sword master, he would have been poisoned into a puddle of sewage by now.
And these toxins are just delicious food for these poisonous dragon parasites. Having these things means that any toxins encountered in the future may be eaten by these poisonous dragon parasites.
It seems that it needs to be cultivated properly. If you have time, go to the Raging Flame Plane. In the valley where the corpse of the ancient poisonous dragon was found, the poisonous fog seems to have not dissipated yet, allowing these poisonous dragon parasites to swallow up all the poisonous fog there. It may transform into an adult insect.

s worth seven million U.S. dollars, and a sports car costs more than two million U.S. dollars. If you want to own tens of millions or even more than A billion-dollar mansion is not difficult to achieve, it is just a toy in life.

s worth seven million U.S. dollars, and a sports car costs more than two million U.S. dollars. If you want to own tens of millions or even more than A billion-dollar mansion is not difficult to achieve, it is just a toy in life.
/He has had a clear understanding of the privileges of this world for a long time, but after coming here this time, this understanding has become more profound in Han Xuan’s mind.
The most valuable prisoner present, worth approximately 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, served only three months in prison.
There is no one worth more. If they don’t provoke powerful enemies, those people are almost above the US Constitution.
Thinking about it this way, Han Xuan was a little proud, because he was also a member of the privileged class, but not long after he was proud, he was suddenly disturbed by a big change. It took a long time to go through the
release procedures.
There were so many prisoners that the file administrator couldn’t find Balzer’s file, so Han Xuan found it with his own help.
It was already dark, the place was quiet, the prisoners were all locked up, and the buildings were dark, with only some streetlights and searchlights on.
There are no plans to provide power to these areas until the FBI figures out what the person stealing the information is up to.
Just installing a new management system has advantages and disadvantages. It is convenient, but it is more susceptible to intrusion from the outside world.
When this system was originally created, for financial reasons, the server that manages the prison was not independent, but was shared with the server of a police station in the city, which could save a lot of money.
As mentioned before, these prisons are all for profit. They save money when they can, and all decisions are based on making money.
Han Xuan and Balzer were talking and laughing as they walked out. At this moment, they suddenly found that the lights in a building were on. Just when he thought the danger was eliminated, the iron doors in those buildings opened automatically.
Inside the building, the prisoners were puzzled. They came out in twos and threes and asked each other what happened.
At this moment, the alarm bell rang loudly, and more than a dozen prison guards patrolling the building quickly blew their whistles to let them in.
Most of the prisoners in this building are felons, and their sentences are generally very long. There are also some death row prisoners and life imprisonment prisoners. It is almost impossible for them to walk out alive. Even if they do, they will probably be in their late 70s or 80s.
When they heard the alarm bell, the prisoners immediately understood that something had happened. They were usually bullied so badly by the prison guards that they had no good impressions of them at all. Prisoners in orange-red clothes came out cheering and screaming, gearing up to “play games” and create riot.
For fear of having their guns taken away from prison guards, these prison guards only wore batons and stun guns. They were of