are just passers-by here, no one knows when we come, and no one knows when we leave. I know. We are destined to be passers-by in this world. Therefore, earning more rewards is the purpose of our trip.”

are just passers-by here, no one knows when we come, and no one knows when we leave. I know. We are destined to be passers-by in this world. Therefore, earning more rewards is the purpose of our trip.”
After hearing this, everyone fell silent, and their hearts became cold. Yes, no matter how much you do, what can you do? Destined to be just a passer-by. It doesn’t matter what you leave behind, what matters is what you take away.
“Then let’s go next.” Zeng Fei looked at everyone in confusion. Li Shuangmu had already drawn a simple map on the ground, then pointed to a place in the southwest on the map and said: “Go to Red Stone Valley!”
Shortly after Li Shuangmu and others left, a group of Xichang fans wearing ocher clothes and ink armor carried swords. Zi filed into the Tutu Temple and turned the Tutu Temple upside down in one fell swoop, but gained nothing. “Sir, there is no one around.” A fan reported to the leading sergeant. The head of the West Factory had a sinister look on his face, slapped him on the head, and screamed: “Trash! You are being fooled around by a bunch of stinky beggars, what’s the use of raising you?” After saying that, he kicked the man away. “Hmm?” The warden’s eyes suddenly lit up. He pulled out his sword and pushed aside the thatch. He saw a simple map on the ground. “Is this place the Red Stone Valley? Come on! Let’s go and head towards the Red Stone Valley immediately!”
After roaring, a group of Xichang fans rushed out of Potu Temple.
“Young Gang Leader, are those gangsters going to Red Rock Valley?” In the darkness of the forest, a group of beggars were hiding behind the bushes. One of them whispered to the young beggar next to him. The young beggar blinked and asked curiously: “Why are they all going to Red Stone Valley? The person pretending to be Zhao Daxia followed Jixueyong from Xichang all the way to Red Stone Valley. If the fake Daxia Zhao went, so did the real Zhao Daxia. Then the first group of young people also went to the Red Stone Valley. What is so special about the Red Stone Valley?” “Then young gang leader, do we want to go there and have a look?” ”
/No! We can’t let Xichang get the handle, otherwise, with rain, The dead eunuch of Huatian will definitely turn his guns to punish our beggar gang. Alas, the East Factory is gone, and the West Factory has come. Then, will there be a South Factory and a North Factory? It’s gone. . Let’s hide behind the scenes. Alas.” He said the most popular thing. The young leader of the Beggar Clan sighed helplessly. He didn’t know why he sighed.
Bai Xue, Zhong Limo, and Hong Zhong listened and nodded silently. Just listen to Zhongli silently say: “Leave it to me.” Hong Zhong said: “I have been holding it in for so long, and I have long wanted to fight.” Bai Xue said: “To be on the safe side, I will use the auxiliary skill ‘Wuzhu’ for you later. Okay. Temporarily increase strength, speed, and defense.”
Yin Kuang was very satisfied with their reaction and said: “Don’t worry, if we lose later, we will still be there. Hide now.”

for teammates, all of these are contributions!

for teammates, all of these are contributions!
And, that’s not all.
The Spurs attacked in the frontcourt, but Duncan missed the basket while grabbing the offensive rebound and scored a second one-handed dunk!
Not only is it immovable like a mountain, but it can also invade like fire. This is the Stone Buddha!
The scene burst into cheers, and Duncan’s ball restored the Spurs’ momentum on the court.
When he returned to the defensive end, although Bowen did not use the same small moves as before, the Spurs’ defensive intensity was still very high.
Sun Hao and Nowitzki had no chance in consecutive misplaced singles attempts. Finally, Bodiloga called Barkley into a pick-and-roll, broke into the basket and hit the ball from behind like a ghost.
The ball was sent to Barkley inside the free throw line, with no one in front of him.
Some people may have the impression that Barkley is just a traditional power forward who plays post-up inside, but in fact, his abilities are much more than that.
Barkley is nicknamed “Flying Pig”. This nickname comes from because he weighs 114 kilograms, but he is a super dunker and can take off anytime and anywhere.
This is a person whose career highlights are completely opposite to Curry!
More than half of his highlights are dunks, which is an important reason why he was so popular when he was playing.
Of course, the 40-year-old Barkley can’t fly anymore, and he looks a little slow.
It was originally a complete chance ball, but by the time he took the ball and took a step to the basket, Ferry on the weak side had already come to help defend.
/Ferry was not good at blocking shots, so he directly reached for Barkley and rolled him backwards.
This is an obvious flagrant foul.
But what is unexpected is that Barkley was not caught!
This inside man, who is as tall as a swingman, is already 40 years old. The fat man who was still in the commentary box with Kenny Smith last year, he completed the shot with Ferry!
The ball hit the board and was sent into the basket, and the referee’s whistle also sounded.
Ferry looked at Buckley with fear in his eyes, and at that moment he felt Buckley’s terrifying power.
If that power was concentrated in his fist, he would have to bid farewell to this beautiful world.
Fortunately, Barkley didn’t seem to have any intention of causing trouble for him.
Maybe, in Barkley’s eyes, this was just a common foul
. After adjusting his breathing, Barkley also scored the extra penalty!
21 to 12!
The Mavericks opened the point difference to 9 points!
/On the Mavericks bench, Nelson had a smile on his face.
He didn’t expect the 40-year-old Barkley to guard Duncan, let alone make any contribution on the offensive end.
But Barkley now has a surprise for him!
“Okay, Charles, I know you will definitely watch the video replay afterwards. You must have deceived everyone. This is not like a 40-year-old guy!”
Kenny Smith also expressed his amazement in his own way in the commentary box.
The Mavericks ended the first quarter w

te rapid fire refers to high-intensity training within one minute.

te rapid fire refers to high-intensity training within one minute.
The main purpose of this training method is to increase shooting speed.
/This is also where Sun Hao needs to improve simultaneously in addition to accuracy.
Being fast and accurate is the hallmark of a super shooter.
Just like Stephen Curry.
Curry not only shoots accurately, but it is said that it only takes 0.33 seconds for him to shoot once.
And after practicing for a while, Sun Hao discovered that there is another benefit to having this auxiliary machine.
He can train for the three-point shooting competition directly in the system!
Don’t be afraid of shooting accurately, just be afraid of practicing too much.
This allows him to book the three-point contest championship in advance!
After practicing for a while, Sun Hao called over the shooting training machine again.
The two machines work together and work together.
He could feel that he was getting closer to improving his badge level!
When he was tired from training, Sun Hao sat on a stool next to the arena to rest.
The ever-improving training environment makes him look forward to the future.
You must know that this is only the lowest version of the system. If the system can be upgraded, does it mean that there will be other props.
Like a caddy.
A caddy who can make his own face?
Shape into a caddy?
Pinch a Joseline?
Bah, what are you thinking about?
But if you do have a caddy, that would be great.
After all, no matter how good the machine is, it is not as good as a human being. Formal training in the NBA is equipped with professional ball boys and trainers.
It seems that he doesn’t need to train normally, but he is very powerful.
What kind of Kobe is he? Let others fight for his hard-working image. He wants to be a realistic young genius!
“Chinese Napoleon scored 40 points and set a new European first-level scoring record in a single game. He may be the point guard with the strongest scoring ability in the history of Europe.” After the
game, not only the Spanish media, but also the Champions League newspapers reported Sun Hao’s Performance.
Sun Hao’s influence has expanded to all of Europe at this moment.
In fact, not only the Spanish and European media, but also the most famous domestic sports newspaper “Sports Weekly” reported it, and it was the front page headline.
That’s the good thing about breaking records, especially big ones like this.
Sichuan Blue Swords Club, head coach’s office.
/Yang Wei frowned.
Two years ago, because Yi Jianlian entered Hongyuan’s first team, he followed suit and successfully became the head coach of the Sichuan team.
However, due to poor coaching record, the team failed to make the playoffs for two consecutive years, and he was about to be fired.
He wants to find a home before then.
But because the record was so poor, other teams declined for various reasons, which made him very distressed.
“Director Yang, your newspaper.”
At this moment, the doorman knocked on the door and delivered the newspa

far, which is still far behind the 62 points he scored in the Christmas game.

far, which is still far behind the 62 points he scored in the Christmas game.
However, Stotts did not react immediately, because Sun Hao’s explosive scoring power was really scary.
/Reed made a sudden score, and the ball went into Hinrich’s hands. Hinrich hit a three-pointer from the outside with his open hand!
Reid is not the only one in the Bucks who is good at three-pointers!
The goal also made Stotts pump his fist in excitement.
We can take another look at the defense. As long as the offensive firepower can continue, the Bucks will still be able to play the game!
Mourning continued to improve his position to play pick-and-roll for Sun Hao.
Hinrich was still preparing to continue to double-team Sun Hao according to Stotts’ arrangement during the timeout, but just as he was about to move forward, someone pushed him.
It’s Bogut.
After shouting, Bogut didn’t give Hinrich a chance to choose and pushed him directly inside.
And Bogut himself has quickly attached himself to Sun Hao.
Double-teaming became a defensive switch.
Hinrich was a little confused, but he had no choice.
He looked at Stotts on the sidelines. Bogut was not playing according to the coach’s instructions.
Stotts didn’t react at all, which should be regarded as acquiescing to the choice on the court.
This is not surprising. The consecutive scoring of Ariza and Mourning made him hesitate to make any defensive adjustments.
Bogut just chose for him first.
After Sun Hao saw that it was Bogut, his expression did not change, but he was happy in his heart, and then he stretched out his hand to signal to pull away.
Some cheering whistles began to sound.
The fans all had eyes, and they could all see that Hinrich was pushed away just now.
In other words, they all know that Bogut chose to defend Sun Hao out of position.
It would be great if Sun Hao could get another dunk.
Sun Hao was shaking with continuous cross steps.
His current dribbling badge is “Dribbling Veteran”. Although it is only at the silver level, it is more than enough to deal with Bogut.
Bogut was young after all, and he swayed from side to side following Sun Hao’s rhythm, just like seaweed on the bottom of the sea, swaying with the waves.
Sun Hao suddenly accelerated and broke through quickly from the right.
He thinks he can do it.
He did indeed do it, showing his talent and barely blocking Sun Hao’s offensive position.
But at this moment, Sun Hao suddenly pulled his crotch back.
When he wanted to follow up, his feet no longer obeyed his command.
It’s like two ropes that, after rubbing together a few times, have become knotted inexplicably and cannot be found or untied.
Then, under the excited eyes of everyone present, Bogut lost control of his feet, and his weight fell directly backwards and he sat on the ground.
Bogut was knocked down!
Barkley in the commentary box shouted excitedly, with a gloating expression on his face.
“This is definitely the stupidest choice.”
After laughing, he added.
“I admire his


My Boy means a child, or a silly child!
However, just as the Chinese language is broad and profound, the same word in English can also have many meanings.
What O’Neal said now obviously did not mean the same thing as what he said about McGee in history.
The meaning at this moment is obviously happiness and praise!
/Because Sun Hao performed well and was on the same team with him! He feels proud and proud!
Yes, 7 three-pointers in a single quarter in the playoffs, 25 points in a single quarter!
Such a performance, well, Kobe has never performed before!
In O’Neal’s view, this is more important than anything else!
Not far away, Phil Jackson once again smiled and became the grandpa of KFC.
Sun Hao’s performance in this section was definitely strategic.
In past games, the Lakers basically took the lead at the beginning, but were caught up by the Spurs in the transition period from the bench.
But now after one quarter, the score on the field is 36 to 21!
The Lakers led the Spurs by a full 15 points in a single quarter!
Not to mention that 15 points is a hurdle in an NBA game, but Popovich’s tactical deployment has been completely disrupted.
The current situation is that Ginobili is almost physically exhausted, but the Spurs are at an absolute disadvantage.
Even Popovich doesn’t know how to continue adjusting.
Popovich, an old blood in the same place.
Phil Jackson and Nelson are completely different.
Old Nelson and him were like martial arts routines. They used tricks to catch each other, and they might occasionally come up with a surprise move to win.
But Jackson, like his nickname “Zen Master,” makes people feel like they are in a fog and can’t figure out the routine.
Many times you will think that he is a typical “do nothing”, but sometimes you will find that he can grasp your weak spots and hit you erratically.
But it turns out that his approach can be successful.
Just like now, Popovich has been made a little bit temperless.
At halftime, unlike the stalemate situation in the past five games, the Lakers led the Spurs by 17 points 62-45 at halftime!
When the camera showed the fans at the scene, they couldn’t hide the disappointment and confusion in their eyes.
They originally expected the Spurs to regain their momentum at home, and then go to Los Angeles to compete with the Lakers.
But because of the presence of Sun in G6 and Phil Jackson’s precise finishing touches, the Spurs seem to have lost this opportunity.
Will not!
After having the idea, they immediately rejected it.
Because they are the Spurs, the team with the most foundation and resilience in the league, they will not lose!
The half-time deficit was a sign of accumulating strength, and they would fight back in the second half!
The fans’ expectations came true when they came back in the second half.
The Lakers took the lead in the second half. Horry missed a three-pointer from the corner and Duncan protected the defensive rebound.
The Spurs had a fast break, and Parker received a long pass

minated the Lakers.

minated the Lakers.
One of the signals sent here is: They can win tonight!
“Defend! Defend!”
This also made the fans at the scene excited, and they spontaneously started cheering for the home team.
Although, the game has just begun!
The Lakers advanced to the frontcourt, and Johnson’s eyes were still on O’Neal at this time.
Based on his understanding of O’Neal, if a teammate fails to seize a pick-and-roll opportunity, O’Neal will most likely go to the basket and attack on his own.
Because he knows that O’Neal’s doing this means that he has truly given up his position as the Lakers boss.
As long as Diop can defend O’Neal, the “power” is entirely on the Mavericks’ side.
Playing at home, this “power” will play an extremely important role.
/O’Neal once again ran to pick and roll for Sun Hao.
Johnson was stunned for a while.
I didn’t expect you to be such a big shark!
O’Neal’s performance at the beginning was clearly assisting Sun Hao!
It’s incredible.
Not to mention this season, even when he was with Kobe, O’Neal’s number of pick-and-rolls for Kobe was very limited.
If I use O’Neal’s own words, it is so easy for me to score under the basket, and playing pick-and-roll is a waste of energy.
But now O’Neal has changed, so changed that Johnson doesn’t recognize him.
Then, Sun Hao used O’Neal’s pick-and-roll to break through quickly!
Diop obviously couldn’t keep up with his reaction, and struggled to catch up with Sun Hao, but his last shot was blocked, and he watched Sun Hao quickly score a layup with an underhand shot.
O’Neal looked as happy as Sun Hao. He waited for Sun Hao to come over and gave him a high-five, and even turned to look at Kobe.
Well, he is back, and he continues to show affection with Sun Hao!
What The Fuck!
Kobe exploded.
This was simply unbearable. After he reached the frontcourt, he took the ball and started rushing inside.
His breakthroughs in the last game were successful, and in this game, Christie still couldn’t stop him.
He broke through the defense and broke into the inside. When he got up, he was thinking about something!
With O’Neal back, the Lakers’ inside strength is not at the same level as before.
It’s simply unrealistic for Kobe to dunk or something like that when facing O’Neal. He can only show his waist and abdominal strength in the air and perform a difficult fade away.
O’Neal’s defensive pressure was too much, and Kobe’s shot finally hit the frame!
O’Neal turned around and grabbed the defensive rebound!
Elsewhere on the court, Johnson couldn’t help but put his hand on his forehead.
His trump card seemed to have disappeared in just one round!
That sentence is right, a country can be easily changed but its nature cannot be changed!
When Kobe was rational, he could try to make some changes, but after being stimulated by O’Neal, he returned to his original self!
This is probably the biggest difference between him and O’Neal.
Another pick-and-roll went in. The Mavericks’ defense moved toward Sun Hao, and Sun Hao threw the

e able to move soon after last night’s surgery, but he still needs time to recover.

e able to move soon after last night’s surgery, but he still needs time to recover.
“Is Kobe finally going to change himself?”
Sun Hao was also quite surprised.
Because he played against the Mavericks before, Kobe still doesn’t like passing the ball as before, and there doesn’t seem to be any big change.
This suddenness made him feel a little uncomfortable.
“No, this is Kobe. You don’t know him well enough.”
/Sun Hao didn’t understand O’Neal’s answer.
“Just watch, you’ll understand soon.”
O’Neal said this not with pride, but with some, um, gritted teeth.
This made Sun Hao even more surprised.
Of course, this also made him pay more attention to the Mavericks’ games.
The Lakers did not have a game that day, so Sun Hao specially moved a small bench and prepared melon seeds and drinks to watch the live broadcast.
The Bulls performed better than everyone expected, including ESPN’s.
Although he was “ravaged” by Sun Hao in the preseason, Paul performed very steadily in his rookie season.
So far, he has averaged 17.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, 8.2 assists and 2.4 steals per game!
His organization and his “ghost hand” steals have made the media and fans talk about it.
Including the Bulls’ record, they are now hovering on the edge of the playoffs.
Of course, this is also related to the outstanding performance of Yi Jianlian and Chandler.
Especially Yi Jianlian, who averages 19.6 points per game and is the team’s leading scorer!
Klaus finally showed a knowing smile this time, and the trio he rebuilt around him is worth looking forward to.
So Sun Hao is also very curious about how this game will turn out.
Although theoretically, the Mavericks are now much stronger than the Bulls.
At the beginning of the game, the Bulls performed very well, and Paul and Yi Jianlian showed the fans the chemical reaction they had already produced.
The Mavericks couldn’t control the pick-and-roll between the two, whether Yi Jianlian pulled up a high jumper, or Paul broke into the paint for a quick layup.
However, the Mavericks’ scoring momentum is also very rapid, especially Kobe.
Kobe showed a stronger desire to score in the opening game than Sun Hao did in the Christmas game.
Sun Hao observed carefully, and it seemed that Kobe never passed the ball when he was on the court.
And almost all of his offense goes toward the Bulls’ interior.
Chandler also made the same mistake as Yao Ming, picking up two fouls early and being forced to leave the game early.
This made Kobe even more determined to attack the basket.
At halftime, the Mavericks led the Bulls 55-41.
Kobe scored 28 points in the half!
In this state, if nothing else happens, Kobe will get 40+ tonight.
Unfortunately for his old partner Nowitzki, he only took 6 shots in the half.
Even if Kobe can score again, Cuban should have some ideas.
Of course, this is not the most important thing.
The most important thing is that Kobe was in hot form in this quarter, scoring 30 points in a single quarter!
At the end of three quarters, Kobe


Because in most European leagues, the playoffs end at the end of June, which is very close to the start of the draft.
For example, Sun Hao’s La Liga is expected to end on June 22, and the draft is on June 29, with only one week in between.
/If Sun Hao wants to try out another team by then, he will definitely not have enough time.
Or it might be more appropriate to call it a mini combine Because it is not like all the teams will be present for the joint trial, only some teams that are paying attention to overseas are here.
Several teams that have expressed interest in Sun Hao are among them.
Sun Hao agreed.
Although he has not chosen the two options given by the system, this does not prevent him from participating in the trial training.
In other words, what he has to do is to choose to pick the one on the left or the one on the right when the peach is ripe.
Instead of saying which side of the peach is ripe and the other side is not, he is forced to pick the ripe one.
The location of this joint trial is in Paris, France.
But compared with the previous two times, he obviously didn’t have time to hang out this time.
Compared with all the tests Sun Hao has encountered in Europe before, it is the most professional.
Before going to the trial training, Sun Hao entered the system and looked at his attribute panel.
Height: 183cm; Weight: 80kg
Strength: 77; Speed: 75; Agility: 70; Jumping: 73; Physical fitness: 77; Football IQ: 88 Ball control: 79;
Passing: 58; Dunk: 45; Layup: 80; Mid-range: 53; three-point: 83
; defense: 62; blocks: 58; steals: 73; rebounds: 58.
His height changes were relatively regular before, averaging about 10cm a year.
But the year before, this increase suddenly changed, and my height didn’t change much for almost a year.
Just when he thought the system was stuck, it surged up again.
Maybe it’s because he trained too hard at a young age, which caused some development problems, or maybe the system doesn’t want him to catch the pattern.
No matter what, it’s pretty good to be this tall.
Otherwise, he may really have to switch from his original combo guard style to a point guard.
In the past year, his various attributes have improved a lot compared to before, and his golf quotient is still the most eye-catching.
In addition, three-pointers and layups are also above 80.
Of course the most surprising dunk attribute.
Finally it is no longer a dazzling 0.
The reason why he grew so much all at once must have something to do with his height.
After all, for things like dunking, to put it bluntly, you can dunk if your jumping plus height and wingspan can reach the rim.
You see, Boban doesn’t have to jump, he can just dunk where he is.
Sun Hao was suddenly eager to dunk on his own.
After all, this thing is extremely attractive to a normal person of average height, let alone a short person.
When he arrived at the training hall, Sun Hao saw that there were already many people inside.
Tall, short, fat and thin, black, white, and this yellow

, the “Big Shark” directly said harsh words.

, the “Big Shark” directly said harsh words.
This is rare with O’Neal.
But maybe only Sun Hao knows that the big reason for this is the promise O’Neal made to him:
“If you really fail to win the MVP again, then I will work hard to help you get the FMVP.”
This sentence The premise is that the Lakers must defend their title.
On one side is Yao Ming, who is both humorous and confident, and on the other is O’Neal, who is rarely determined to win.
These sounds before the start of the finals gave the finals a feeling of smoke and smoke, and of course made fans look forward to it more and more.
On June 8, when many high school candidates in China were facing the most important exam in their lives, the NBA’s biggest “exam” finally kicked off.
The Verizon Center was packed to capacity.
As the political center of Washington, it is theoretically difficult for the sports market to grow, but first with Jordan and then with Yao Mai, the sports market here would not be successful even if it is not popular.
To paraphrase what fans joked before the game: If the Wizards really win the championship in the end, the team can save some transportation expenses when they visit the White House next year.
There were also many fans at the scene holding up Yao Mai’s KT boards. The scene in front of them was only bigger than the Houston team in history.
But this is a matter of course. The Houston team is fighting to get past the first round, but the Wizards are now playing in the finals!
When the two teams were warming up before the game, the reporter did not interview the players of the two teams, but went straight to the basketball god in the front row of the auditorium.
Jordan couldn’t hide the smile on his face.
As long as the Wizards succeed in winning the championship, this season will be “perfect” in the true sense.
“Do you expect the team to win the championship?”
“Of course, my left middle finger has been empty for a long time.”
Jordan stretched out his hand as he spoke.
Well, this gesture is unbeatable.
“Yao has grown up enough to compete with Shaq. How do you compare the strength of T-Mac and Sun?”
The reporter immediately moved to the next question.
“I sometimes play with that guy Tracy and teach him some scoring skills. Although it’s not much, it’s me after all, and he’s improved a lot.”
Jordan said with a smile.
“Are you saying that T-Mac is stronger than Sun right now?”
Jordan’s smile turned into laughter after hearing this, and then he spoke.
“Sun’s performance will be better, but I believe we will win.”
His next words also sounded a little unanswered, and it was obvious that he did not jump into the pit.
After the warm-up on both sides ended, the opening ceremony began.
When Yao Mai came on the stage, the cheers were overwhelming.
No one could have imagined that the Wizards would return to the Finals so quickly, including Wizards fans.
/So their excitement now is beyond words, and everything is filled with cheers.
After the opening ceremony, the starting lineups of

on the lakeside, and the night view is quite beautiful.

on the lakeside, and the night view is quite beautiful.
During the meal, Bill Gates himself made a special trip back from the meeting.
/Although I heard that Han Xuan’s company has developed a desktop operating system, which is Be OS, which he has been paying attention to, and that new notebooks equipped with this operating system will be launched in the near future.
But Bill is not worried about this. Today, Microsoft’s market value exceeds 500 billion US dollars, occupying the vast majority of the desktop operating system market in the world. At most, it is just one more Apple.
He has sold most of his Microsoft shares one after another, and the two of them have no conflict of interest. What’s more, at their worth, money is just a number for comparison, so the people at the table chatted happily.
The couple loved these two uninvited guests, and Bill even opened a bottle of red wine that he had treasured for many years.
The 1945 Romanée-Conti, which has a history of more than fifty years, knew that Han Xuan would occasionally drink some. Because he was in a hurry and had no time to sober up naturally, he could only shake it quickly with a decanter.
Dinner was a three-course meal.
The first dish was smoked guinea fowl salad, the main course was Alaskan halibut with prawns, and the dessert was butter almond cake.
After enjoying his dinner, Bill turned aside from his briefcase and took out a small red metal box about three and a half centimeters long and five centimeters high. He held it and said with a smile:
“This new product from HOPE Technology Company is very special.” It’s interesting. Sometimes I use it to listen to music on the way to the company. I heard that Steve Jobs is also preparing to develop this kind of product. I saw the Apple conference at the end of last year. You haven’t already given the license to him, right? Suggestions You’d better not do that. Recently, Apple is suing Microsoft for copyright infringement. I’m very happy to see Steve Jobs uncomfortable.”
Bill was taking an epoch-making new product released by HOPE Technology at the end of September last year and just launched in February this year. The product Ihope is a mobile music player that installs AA batteries (AA batteries).
Due to technical development reasons, the memory of this product is very small, and it can only store a dozen songs at most.
If the user wants to change songs, they need to use the computer to delete the songs stored in it before they can change to other MP3 format songs.
Since the day it was released, ihope has received a lot of attention.
Since February to now, more than 80,000 units have been bought in North America, priced as high as $399. Now it has become a trend, just like when Blueberry mobile phones were first launched.
HOPE Technology Company can be said to be a well-deserved leader in this emerging industry. It not only owns many key technology patents for manufacturing music players, but also has patent rights for the MP3 format.
Han Xuan had the foresight to go to German