because no matter how many points he had, they were just numbers, and they were his own in exchange for his strength.

He first chose to customize a set of exoskeleton armor, both in the virtual world and in the real world, and then received level 3 reinforced meat for a month.
/Thirteen thousand one hundred points were consumed in these three items alone.
David plans to slowly exchange all the points into enhanced meat to rapidly increase his strength and physique.
Why is it that James is already a peak warrior, and even the young Anita is close to a peak warrior? This is the importance of resources. As the main star of the Aridia star field, Lenka is far richer. Far more than Rock Star, so as Fox’s extraordinary disciples, their treatment far exceeds that of David.
A large number of top-level resources allow them to quickly complete the growth process of strength and enter the physical accumulation process of peak warriors, waiting to be promoted to extraordinary.
The distance between David and these soldiers is resources. He grew up too late, which required a large amount of top-level resources to catch up with these soldiers.
“How’s it going? What did you exchange for?” James was waiting on the sidelines. He didn’t ask David how many points he got, but he was more concerned about what items he had exchanged.
“I exchanged for customized exoskeleton armor, one virtual set, one real set, and some enhanced meat to speed up training.” David replied with a smile without hiding it.
“It’s better to pass the armored level quickly. It’s best to reach the peak level before the age of thirty, so that you can accumulate enough foundation before the age of fifty to cope with the promotion to extraordinary!” James nodded and said.
In terms of promotion to the extraordinary, James’s knowledge even exceeds that of Galen’s extraordinary. Galen’s extraordinary background is too little, or the background of the Rock Star government is too shallow.
“Is it impossible to advance to extraordinary status if you are over fifty?” David also became curious and asked.
“Over the age of fifty, a soldier’s body is basically set and loses some vitality and vitality, which will affect the success rate of promotion to the extraordinary. This is not a secret. There are corresponding conclusions in many inheritances.” Zhan Lisi laughed. explained.
James’s words made David more determined to improve himself as soon as possible. He is not inferior in combat ability now, only in strength and physique. In this aspect, his growth is much faster than that of ordinary soldiers, but it is different from the real warriors. Compared with the top-grade soldiers, the speed is still too slow.
“It’s a pity that the ‘Soldier Virtual Cabin’ is too expensive!” David sighed as he closed the wardrobe.
“Have you seen the ‘Soldier Virtual Cabin’?” Although James knew that there were many spectators, he had been attracted by David’s battle and did not pay attention to the number of spectators.
Now I heard David talking about the ‘soldier virtual cabin’, but