(The final step of the Conferred God Plan has arrived!)

Each attack is enough to spread to 10,000 meters away, and its power does not weaken much even when it reaches the farthest point. All souls affected by it, except for the true demon level, can barely survive, The rest of the souls all turned into nothingness. Of course, if they were hit directly, even the true demon level would not be able to get away with it. Most of them were directly annihilated on the spot.
/But these people are souls, which are completely different from those soul armies. Although they do not have the rigid discipline of the soul army, they have more flexible minds. Since Gong Yeyu is not easy to mess with, then go kill Gong Yeyu’s partners. Bar! It would also help to divert some of Gong Yeyu’s attention!
/In this way, after hundreds of souls died, the remaining souls were divided into two teams. One larger team surrounded Pei Jiao and others, while the other smaller team continued to contain them. Gong Yeyu, but most of the people who stayed behind were true demon-level experts, and there were actually dozens of them!
As for the smaller team, there are more than ten true demon-level experts, and most of the remaining soul members are at the peak of demon-level strength!
You know, the true demon level is not a piece of cake, it is a transcendent person who must find his own heart, see his own heart clearly, and implement his own heart!
Just like Zhang Heng and others, eating obsession food in fantasy land, their obsession has already reached a very terrifying level, but even so, they are still at the peak of the demonic level. The only reason It’s just that they haven’t found their original intention and haven’t implemented their original intention.
But what is going on with these people in front of me? No one would believe it even to death. These true demon-level experts sent by the World Government are all true demon-level experts who have gone through the journey of seeking truth and implemented their true intentions. That is almost impossible!
This must be another trick of the World Government. God knows what method they used to allow so many souls to advance to the true demon level. However, it seems that this method also has some limitations, otherwise the people who come this time will not be six. There were not seventy true demon-level powerhouses, but hundreds of true demon-level powerhouses. Even if Gong Yeyu and Pei Jiao joined forces at that time, the remaining people would probably be in trouble. After all, although these two people are strong, , but there are only two of them. Naturally, I am not afraid of letting go and fighting. However, if I want to protect someone, once there are too many enemies, I will not be able to do it. Although I am fine, the person I want to protect is likely to be in the chaos. die.
The most critical reason why Gong Yeyu rushed forward in such a hurry this time was that there was Pei Jiao behind him and a group of friends. He could freely let go and fight with confidence and boldness,

weapon at this moment, her strength is actually stronger than that of an ordinary demon-level peak person, but she has telekinesis. Many wonderful uses. In the past nine months, Yu Neodymium has been very concerned about the telekinesis she possesses. She has found many wonderful ways to use it. Increasing the speed is how to use telekinesis. First, telekinesis can not only lift oneself up to reduce weight, but can also be used as a driving force to push oneself forward. In terms of speed, Yu Neodymium Chen is actually much faster than Yang Dingtian and others. .

The distance of two thousand meters is neither long nor short. Everyone arrived here in about ten seconds. At the farthest point in front, there was already a violent flash of energy, as well as a lot of standard energy. Floating in the air, it seemed that Pei Jiao and the others had already fought with the ghosts, so no one dared to neglect them. As soon as Yang Xuguang ran to the spot, he kept taking out the obsession food from his body, piles of rice, flour, and meat. , seasonings, and even various luxury goods were all placed outside, while Yang Dingtian was squatting beside the pit. Piles of obsession food turned into silver-white liquid in his hands and flowed down the pit. , in just a moment, a small piece of silver-white liquid appeared at the bottom of the deep pit, and this was just the conversion of more than a hundred obsessions of food.
/If we want to say that everyone is trapped in a fantasy land, and what else can they get the most besides strength, then everyone’s answer must be the absolutely identical natural weapons, and the obsession food converted from the natural weapons!
Even though everyone, including the living person Fen Nenchen and the other eight people, ate according to the habit of three meals a day and did not skimp on anything, in the past nine months, the obsession with food in everyone’s hands The number has still accumulated to nearly 30,000, especially after everyone found a way to enter the inner core of Fantasy Land. The closer to the core of Fantasy Land, the denser the number of ghosts there, and the number of true demon-level ghosts is also The more, in this way, almost everyone can get two or three natural weapons every day, and the capacity of each natural weapon is about nearly 200. In this way, the obsession food in everyone’s hands can be said to be rich in reserves. .
/Because of this, Valkyrie’s layout can almost generously use 10,000 capacity as a one-time consumption, and the others did not raise any objections. Once everyone was trapped in this fantasy, it was really It’s because they’ve had enough of this kind of confinement, and secondly, it’s closely related to the fact that everyone has a lot of obsession food in their hands.
When Yang Dingtian was concentrating on dissolving the food of obsession, the three people who rushed into the pile of ghosts were inevitably attacked and dispersed by the ghosts. After all, there were at least thousands of robot ghosts in front of them, and almost all of them w

ike this. Just need A little bit of telekinesis can destroy them, hehe, isn’t this our chance?”

(Is this, is this what Ye Yu faces on a daily basis? Protecting his comrades, facing the enemy, if he is not careful, he will lose his life immediately. Is this how he has been fighting until now?)
Yu Neodymium’s body was trembling slightly, but she still stood strong on the spot. At the same time, she concentrated on activating her telekinesis power, focusing it within a few meters in front of her, and facing the crazy man who was closest to her. , and violently blasted his telekinesis towards him.
This crazy man’s eyes are red, and his whole face is full of madness. Although he is slow at this moment, he is only four or five meters away from the two women. He can attack in the blink of an eye. He has already raised the heavy weapon in his hand. The knife, and at the same time there was a slight excitement on his face, but before he had time to cut off the heavy knife, an invisible force hit him, and suddenly he felt weak all over, and before he could Understanding what happened, the heavy knife in his hand had fallen to the ground. It wasn’t that the heavy knife fell, but his two hands disappeared, then his limbs, then his lower body, chest, and finally his head. People completely dissipate in this confusion and despair
/“It’s not an explosion, it’s annihilation.”
/Xue Na seemed to turn a blind eye to the disappearing true demon. She still said with that innocent smile: “Pure souls and sin are incompatible. Although the souls of these people are not pure, they are also instinctive. Repelling sin, unless they are completely infected by sin and turn into ghosts, their souls will always reject sin. And your government uses some kind of runes to connect souls and sin, which not only maintains human consciousness and thoughts, It also borrows the power of sin to enhance its strength. Once this balance is broken, the sin and soul that have been suppressed for a long time will begin to attack each other instead of the infection that should have occurred. In other words, two completely different powers. A large-scale conflict in a very short period of time can only lead to one outcome, and that is annihilation.”
“But it’s a pity”
Xue Na turned to look at an open space next to her and said: “There is another kind of life form. They neither enhance the power of the soul and purify the soul itself to obtain the aura field, nor rely on being infected with sin to obtain the aura field, nor do they use some kind of Rune technology is used to achieve the balance between sin and soul. They rely on swallowing sin, completely transforming sin into part of their own souls, and then exerting amazing power to degenerate this life form. We in the Three-Eyed Tribe call it degeneration. ”
It was only then that Yu Neodymium turned her gaze to the open space. It was not until she saw the man’s face clearly that she focused all her telekinesis on the man and exclaimed at the same time. Said: “Rocky? Yes! You are Rocky, the leader of the F


But even when he was free, Hull did not dare to squander his time. Everything he had experienced made him know that this world belonged to those with power and status. Although the Asian and French Revolution claimed to have eradicated slavery and oppression, in fact It’s just that the hereditary nobility disappeared and was replaced by bankers, capitalists, factory owners and businessmen.
He can now be regarded as one of these people. He could have shared the dividends given to them by this society with others. Unfortunately, he has offended too many people, and there are too many people he hates. There is absolutely no relationship between them. There may be compromises.
So there will definitely be a life-and-death war.
Since the complete destruction of the Soul-Eating Cult, Hull knows that his reputation has spread to the ears of many people. This can be seen from the fact that the Brotherhood frequently sent people to say good things and say hello, and from the time when Lida’s father withdrew from Miscon. The clues can be seen when the powerful forces did not dare to take advantage of the situation and instead paid a high price to buy the land that Lida’s father gave up.
Not only these forces, but also the Yafa Army Ministry also sent people here. The guy who was originally sent to replace him was dismissed just because he showed a little bit of dissatisfaction through the gears. Since Emperor Di Neba, The War Department has never been so easy to talk to.
/Of course Hull knew the reason. During the recent period, he had looked up the magic of high-level and above, which was beyond his reach before. He even studied the legendary magic.
Because of this, he knew that the summoning system had a legendary ultimate magic – the door to another world.
Regarding this magic, even in the encyclopedia-like magic book, there is no detailed explanation. It only says that using this magic, a demon can be summoned from another world.
Hel never thought that the monster trapped in the cage given to him by the Immortal King would be a demon. Otherwise, the Immortal King would not let him search for the treasure of the imaginary Conqueror Charlie.
Isn’t that treasure that can attract the immortal king the legendary corpse of an angel or demon?
What’s locked in the cage may be alien creatures like magic shins and nerve vines, or it may be a magical beast created by the immortal king using strange methods. Anyway, it’s not a demon, but naturally he won’t explain this kind of thing. .
Although the gate to another world is fake, and the demon is also fake, the Soul Eater Sect that was completely destroyed is definitely not fake, and the people killed that day are also not fake, so many lives, so much blood , what accumulates is other people’s fear of him.
/So this time when facing him in a blood feud, it won’t be as simple as before. Either he doesn’t take action, or he will definitely hit with all his strength.
From the memory of the super warrior who was burned into a cripple, he learned a lot about the Blood Vengeance

full at the moment.

The most suitable place to treat guests is naturally the senior officers’ dining room. Hardings brought a middle-aged man in his forties wearing a dark blue pullover robe and a curly beard.
/After the introduction of Hardings, Hull got to know Master Marley. Like all magicians, Master Marley was not affiliated with the army, so he did not have a military rank. However, at least Hull did not think that he could compete with him. This master is an equal.
The layout of the restaurant is very unique, with three rows of long tables in the center, a bar on one side, and a long fireplace that takes up the entire wall.
This peculiar fireplace is also a barbecue stove. On the iron rack at the top of the charcoal fire are placed steaks, lamb chops, pork knuckles and sausages. These tempting meats are oozing with grease and dripping onto the charcoal fire, making a sizzling sound. The aroma of barbecue wafts through the restaurant.
Hull hadn’t had such enjoyment for a long time since the front line retreated. At this moment, the smell of barbecue began to stimulate his taste buds.
After reading the menu, Hull handed it to Hardings casually and said, “You are the most familiar with this place, and you also know my taste. Why don’t you help me order it together.”
“The lamb chops here are good. The taste of real goats grazing in the mountains is incomparable with those made by goats raised in captivity.” Hardings said with admiration.
Hel nodded. At this moment, he was not interested in eating anything at all.
Hardings was obviously very familiar with this place, and he quickly arranged everything. For the aperitif, he ordered a bottle of 12-year-old champagne from Obsburg. I ordered the tuna salad and the other guy ordered a carpaccio for himself.
Perhaps because business was good, the food was served very slowly. Fortunately, the three of us were not in a hurry to eat.
Hardings had already told Master Marley about Hull’s situation, so after touching the glasses once, Master Marley said directly: “I already know about your situation, and I am responsible for this matter. I will help you.” It’s just a piece of cake for me.”
Hearing these words, Hull was immediately grateful. He knew very well that sometimes a small help can change a lot of things and even affect a lifetime.
Taking a sip of champagne, Master Maren said: “Most of today’s magic systems are based on alchemy. Divine warriors actually use special methods to use human bodies as materials to create powerful or A warrior with special abilities.
“The earliest divinely gifted warriors were the famous Templars. The Templars were elites selected from among the knights. They used special alchemy to transform their physiques in order to give them extraordinary growth potential.
“Generally speaking, within two years after the Holy Knight undergoes transformation, his strength will rapidly increase by two to three times, and the increase in explosive power will be even more terrifying, up to seven times. In addition, whether it is endurance or

at the Count of Kolubia was going to be in trouble.

Before all parties could react, Hudson sent people over early to purchase serfs. I originally thought that I could pick up bargains by relying on panic, but I didn’t expect that the nobles of the Count of Kolubia had different ideas from him.
“Even if the nobles of the Count of Kolubia are unwilling to trade, we can’t force them to do anything. The Kingdom of Hesse cannot work in vain. There will be times when they cry later.
First bring these people back, break them up and settle them down. The situation in mainland China will not be stable in the future, and there will be many such opportunities in the future. ”
This is another divine prophecy, and everyone has long been accustomed to it. In the past few days, Mr. Hudson has never failed to judge the general trend.
/“Your Majesty, after many attempts, we have initially mastered the salt-making process.
Currently, boiled salt is the main method. Due to site requirements, the sun-dried salt process cannot be promoted for the time being.
The territory’s current daily salt production is about 800 pounds, and production is in the process of expansion.
The Ministry of Government plans to increase salt production to 8,000 pounds per day within this year to completely solve the salt problem in the territory. ”
Jacob said enthusiastically.
Salt is currently the largest expense in the territory. After solving this problem, all commodity mountain territories have become self-sufficient.
In the eyes of everyone, the daily production of 800 pounds of salt is already a large amount. But for Hudson, neither the daily output of 800 pounds nor the daily output of 8,000 pounds could move him at all.
With such a low salt output, it is clearly a small workshop in a township. The statistical unit used in any salt farm is tons.
/“It’s done well. There’s no need to worry about the salt-drying method. At present, our demand for salt is not large, as long as it can meet our own consumption.
It is not appropriate for the Southeastern Province to be unstable at the moment, and the Dalton family’s cheese will not be touched for the time being. I will decide whether to take action after the situation becomes clearer.
At what stage has the shipyard relocation been progressed? ”
Hudson asked concerned.
Sun salting requires not only a large and flat site, but also a natural climate with less rain and high evaporation.
The climate in mountainous areas is obviously contrary to these requirements. It can form swamp terrain, which obviously has more rain and less evaporation.
In contrast, the now widely popular method of boiling salt is more realistic.
“My lord, the relocation of the shipyard has just started. At present, we have only completed the location selection of the port and shipyard.
Construction is expected to take another year. After the construction of supporting projects is completed, the relocation plan will be fully launched.
Considering the development needs of the territory, we plan to transfer part of our produc

waves, but there are still abnormal times.

Once a full-scale war begins, the lives of ordinary people will inevitably be affected, and a breeding ground for cults will emerge.
In addition, the armed forces of local nobles were concentrated on the front line, and they were unable to continue to suppress them, which could easily lead to chaos.
At this moment, taking action to help the major nobles along the coast are actually helping themselves.
These guys have money in their pockets, so the kingdom can afford to continue the war. They will not exploit the local area at all costs in order to raise funds for the war.
Especially the food gap requires them to vigorously develop marine fisheries.
Once supplies of materials are provided, the rations of the people at the bottom will not be cut. Only if the days go by can the cult organization be suppressed.
In comparison, what the ghosts want is not worth mentioning.
Hudson knew all the supplies on the list. It is considered precious, but it is not hard to find.
/As long as each family is willing to contribute, it is not difficult to gather the materials above.
If you still can’t do it, then it’s a matter of sincerity. Once you hit the south wall, you will naturally look back.
“Okay, Lord Count!”
Jacob replied helplessly.
On military issues, he understood nine out of ten, but he really couldn’t solve the remaining one. Now I watch everyone go to the battlefield, while I stay and guard the house.
Hudson could only pretend not to see this scene. Taking the team to the front line is secondary to gaining military merit, but mainly to broaden their horizons.
As the territory continues to grow, Hudson is convinced that he needs more talents who can stand alone. It’s too difficult to poach, so you can only cultivate it yourself.
If we really have to fight with troops, military generals are actually more reliable. No matter how rich the theories of civil servants are, they will fall apart in practice.
The number of talented people who are both civil and military and capable of serving as generals and ministers is too small.
I don’t expect to have them all, but in the unstable continent of Aslant, if you want to take control of one side, you still need to have some military capabilities.
Even if he had a little bit of military talent, Hudson wouldn’t mind cultivating him. If you don’t have any talent at all, there’s really nothing you can do.
After arranging the territorial affairs, Hudson took a few members of his team, summoned Maxim and went straight to the military camp.
Fort Augustus, once an important strategic location in the Principality of Mossi, has once again become a battlefield.
Facing the attack of the foreign coalition forces, the defenders performed extremely tenaciously, but they were still unable to reverse the decline on the battlefield.
Viscount Raquel, who was pushed to the forefront by the times, was also on the verge of crying. I don’t know who slandered the king, saying that he had obtained the true biography of Hudson.
With great ab

odriguez analyzed rationally.

Times are hard and people are so scared that they now see everyone as a threat.
No matter what happens, first analyze whether it is a conspiracy against yourself.
This over-cautious temperament allows them to avoid many risks, but the price is that they start to lose their hair at a young age.
“It’s not a conspiracy against us, but that doesn’t mean we can profit from it.
/Now that Hudson has great power, it is too easy to target us. ”
While speaking, Duke Angel also glanced at Duke Torsten.
I don’t know if there will be any accidents in other people’s business. The Rocknard family’s business will definitely not be able to continue in the Near East.
If they weren’t worried about the political influence and fear of triggering a chain reaction, they would all want Duke Torsten to return the ancestral land of the Koslow family to others.
These are all grievances from a hundred years ago. All the original direct descendants of the Koslow family are dead, and Hudson is just a side branch of the rise. It is nonsense to say how unforgettable the hatred is.
The two sides have been stubbornly fighting each other, mostly because of the nobles’ face.
The more new aristocrats are, the more they pay attention to the family’s face. The lost ancestral heritage is a shame for all members of the Koslow family.
Unfortunately, there is no way to retreat from this step. The worse the situation is, the stronger you have to be.
If they show timidity to the outside world and make the outside world mistakenly think that they are in decline, it will easily trigger a group attack.
“The situation is not that bad. As a new nobleman, Hudson cherishes feathers very much and will not risk his reputation.
Hudson’s ability to hold high positions all the way depends not only on his ability to fight, but also on his reputation of being able to distinguish between public and private matters and to be principled.
After all these years of fighting in the north and south, have you ever heard of him deliberately cheating people and avenging private revenge?
Everyone in the kingdom believed that he could handle problems objectively and fairly, which was why all parties ignored his background and promoted him to the throne.
Therefore, business can still be done, but within the scope of the rules he has set, the profits may not be as high as before.
Another detail is that Hudson likes orc slaves. It can be seen from the decrees he enacted that he encourages everyone to trade slaves from the Orc Empire.
If there were enough slaves, the taxes could even be offset and the most advanced weapons could be purchased.
With such a clause, it is estimated that all smugglers will work part-time as slave traders.
We still have an advantage in this regard. It is not a problem at all to find those big tribes to cooperate and get tens of thousands of slaves a year.
If the interests are right, we may even become the best partner for Hudson. ”
Duke Rodriguez said with a smile.
As a core member of the Northland

the serfs. Putting it in the hands of elite troops will simply reduce their combat effectiveness.

Once peace returns to the two counties, the huge profits from selling weapons will immediately decrease sharply.
At that time, just selling some farm tools or daily necessities will not be very profitable.
Among the fiefdom nobles in the two counties, the income of the Mountain Territory may be higher, but it is simply impossible to be as unparalleled as now.
/It is estimated that this person also saw this, so he recruited people from the outside world in an attempt to develop the vast area of ​​​​the Salam Mountains.
This is a long-term project. Without the continuous investment of hundreds of thousands of gold coins, it will not be developed at all.
If nothing else happens, he will spend the next few decades developing the fiefdom.
/For the small nobles, this is undoubtedly the most correct choice. Once all are developed, it will be enough to return the Koslow family to the middle-level nobles.
But that’s the limit. The strategic focus is on territorial development, and he no longer has enough energy to compete with you, young master, for the dominance of Wright County.
The top priority is to integrate the fiefdoms as soon as possible. Only by concentrating our strength can Dadir City be restored in the shortest possible time.
As the largest city at the southern end of the Southeast Province, Dadir City is naturally suitable to become a commercial and trade center. This is our greatest advantage. ”
Although the old man spoke lightly, as if he didn’t take Harder seriously at all, he couldn’t hide the envy in his heart.
If you develop steadily, you will be able to steadily enter the ranks of middle-class nobles, so why do you have to go through so much trouble?
Slowness is not important, the key is to be steady. If it doesn’t work in ten years, then twenty years. If it doesn’t work in twenty years, then thirty years. If it doesn’t work in thirty years, then fifty years. Just waste it slowly on the land.
The input-output ratio is indeed low, but for nobles, they should not only focus on short-term economic benefits, but also focus on the long-term future.
The upper limit of the Mountain Territory is mid-level nobles, so why not the upper limit of the Dadir Territory? Even if he seizes the position of county guard, at most it can only support the Sith Baron to become a middle-class noble.
Let Hudson take advantage?
This conclusion is actually a fallacy. Before Hudson moved into the Salam mining area, the efficiency of iron smelting was not so high, and the quality was even appallingly poor.
It can only be used to forge farm tools and daily necessities, and it can even be used to forge inferior weapons. The profits from the mining area are far less than what they are now.
After excluding all the lord’s expenses, the balance is only a few thousand gold coins at most. Trying to complete the investment of hundreds of thousands of gold coins is simply a joke.
If it were easy to do, the original lord wo

prevented in advance.

“Luoye Town, the disaster is so serious, didn’t Baron Cayo ask the family for help?”
Hudson asked confused.
A large-scale locust plague would cause astronomical losses to any lord.
This year’s autumn grain losses have been heavy, and there is no hope for next year’s autumn grain, or even the year after that will continue to suffer.
Many locusts have gathered into the territory. If the eggs are not eradicated, then you will be visited by “grasshoppers” every year!
Once it reaches a large scale, there will immediately be a new locust plague. It can be said that the wildfire cannot be burned out, and the “summer” wind blows again.
“It is said that they are asking for help, but the Dalton family is too busy taking care of themselves right now and has no time to pay attention to a town.
The information comes from hearsay and may not be accurate. When it comes to the Dalton family, we dare not insert intelligence personnel there. ”
Andrea, who was in charge of intelligence, replied.
Leaving the intelligence organization to an outsider who had just defected was something that Hudson couldn’t do.
It is not easy to build an intelligence organization when you have nothing.
Not to mention asking for secret information, just collecting some explicit information is very difficult.
Who keeps population mobility small?
The status of most territories is: no stranger will appear for ten days and a half.
Any stranger approaching will attract the attention of local residents. If you are not capable enough, someone will follow the clues and find you in minutes.
Hudson just wanted to get information, but was not prepared to make enemies with his neighbors. This kind of hatred-seeking thing should never be done.
Simply leave it to “outsiders” to do it. If it is really exposed, Mr. Hudson can still pretend that he doesn’t know.
It was firmly established that someone had sent a spy here to sow discord among everyone.
If you don’t believe it, you can check it out. There is definitely something wrong with the origins of these guys.
/No matter which force is traced, Master Hudson can be cleared of suspicion. Since everyone is a victim, it is natural that they should all target the guy who planted the spy together.
They are all experiences gained through bloody life lessons. When it comes to deflecting blame, Hudson is now very good at it.
As for the hidden dangers after the intelligence organization develops and grows, it is simply overthinking. Under the current conditions, it is simply not possible for Hudson’s intelligence organization to develop.
The slaves used by the nobles have served the family for generations. Their descendants are all tied together, and outsiders cannot get in at all.
If you want to play the trick of selling yourself into slavery, then go ahead and be a slave for several generations! Without the efforts of several generations, it is impossible to gain the trust of the master.
/Loyalty that has been dormant for decades is difficult to guarantee, let alone for generations.